Suarez: "Koeman called me on the phone and told me that I was not in his plans"

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Suarez: "Koeman called me on the phone and told me that I was not in his plans"

The new life of Luis Suarez. And that was when Barcelona estimated that he was not good for them. And while Barça is shooting in all directions, they are not even a shadow of the once-powerful team, Suarez is the top scorer of the Primera in the Madrid Athletic jersey.

A man who "eats and breathes" goals all his life cannot become waste material so early, they are aware of that now at the Nou Camp as well. Especially since the Catalans don't even have a real attacker, goal scorer, "nine", from the day when they decided that he is not good enough.

Suarez explained by his games that situation in Barca is awful. One of the biggest clubs in the world treated one of the best players of the past years as if they were an amateur club with an arrogant boss. Instead of at least an honorable parting, flowers, a thank-you note, a farewell conference, Suarez received one phone call and - that's all.

"Koeman called me on the phone and told me that I was not in his plans. And that is all. I didn't even talk to President Bartomeu. I accepted that decision, but I told them that I have a valid contract and that I expect the club to respect it, "Suarez told El Transistor.

"It was difficult for me to accept Barcelona's decision, mostly because of the way I was told everything. It was not easy for the children to explain that the time for change had come, they are big now, but they felt that something was happening."

"But now that I see what Barça looks like and what is happening, I am completely calm in my head. "

Suarez wanted to stay

Suarez could have been stubborn with Barcelona, ​​but he is not a man for whom money is the primary thing in football.

"I could have told them that I did not want to go and that I would stay until the end of the contract. But I believed in myself, I wanted to play. I was also aware that when the first problem appeared in Barcelona, ​​I would be marked as a guilty man.

" There were those who doubted that Suarez could fit into Diego Simeone's football vision at Atletico, but it turned out to be a great combination. "I had not the slightest doubt that I would be able to fit in with Atletico.

I played for Uruguay, for Ajax, Liverpool, so I know I can fit into the coaching philosophies." "Simeone is a coach who constantly convinces the player that he can do what he is asked to do. He transmits positive energy.

He convinced me that he completely trusted me, although some say that my time passed. He is a coach with a winning mentality and he never thinks of anything other than victories ", said Luis Suarez.