Chiellini agrees with the decision to form European Super League

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Chiellini agrees with the decision to form European Super League

Football has largely become a lucrative business and there is no doubt that soon some things in it will change significantly. The richest clubs make a living from marketing and no longer have the bill to play against unattractive rivals.

As every euro they earn is important to them, there is more and more talk about a closed system competition for the best European teams, which would bring participants a certain guaranteed amount from sponsors each season.

It would, of course, be higher than what they currently receive for TV rights and sponsorship agreements. Various names of the potential competition were mentioned, but the format was very similar each time. A league part that would guarantee two games with each rival.

UEFA, however, is a great opponent of this idea - because then the Champions League would lose its primacy - which has already been mentioned by President Alexander Ceferin. "Closed competition is the idea and desire of those who do not care about the rest of football.

People who watch football only from today to tomorrow," said the Slovenian at the head of European football.

Chiellini agrees with such a tournament

Such a tournament is, however, for the experienced Juventus defender, George Chiellini, a great move that he wishes for.

"Five years ago, I told Andrea Agnelli (president of Juventus) that I expect to play against Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich every weekend ... For a player at the highest level, that is necessary," Chiellini assured in an interview for French So Fut Italian votes for change.

"I want to see big changes, Maybe a new Champions League format? Certainly, we need to improve the product," Chiellini added. Speaking about various topics, Chiellini also talked about the current quality of defenders.

He considers Sergio Ramos and Virgil van Dijk to be the best "To win battles with attackers, you have to be pessimistic and expect the worst. Andrea Barzagli and I do not have such a high level as Ramos and Van Dijk. I am introverted and shy by nature, but on the field, I am able to do anything to win."

"I love to win, and the adrenaline boils especially when I block an opponent's shot. It's a different kind of joy than when you score a goal. I scored a goal against Barcelona in the Champions League quarterfinals, but it brought me less joy than when I blocked the Harry Kane shot in the 89th minute, from which he would probably score a goal," Chiellini revealed.