Robertson: "As things currently stand, we are not in the title race."

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Robertson: "As things currently stand, we are not in the title race."

Yes, the rise started with Jurgen Klopp, but this has not happened to Liverpool since 2012. For the first time since September of that year, the Reds lost two consecutive games at home. For the first time in an incredible 37 years, Liverpool did not score a goal in three consecutive matches at Anfield!

And it's not even that, but the apathetic impression that Mohamed Salah and his friends left in the defeat by Brighton, in which they had only one shot within the opponent's goal. And while Jurgen Klopp justifies the players by assessing that they are mentally tired, Andrew Robertson takes on the role of the one who speaks directly, in everyone's face.

"We have to congratulate Brighton. They created chances, they pressed us, they did everything we wanted. And we essentially did nothing worth mentioning. We were undefeated for a long time, now we have lost two. But that usually happens when you don't show up on the field ", Robertson is self-critical after the match.

Robertson on his team

Because already on Sunday, Liverpool has Manchester City as a rival. Many believe - a match that will decide the championship race in England. "As things currently stand, we are not in the title race.

We have seven points less than them and a game more ", Robertson is angry, although he adds. "We are still a good team. We didn't get bad overnight. " Recall, Klopp previously said that the team looked tired and that then the players did not listen to their feet.

“I know the guys know how to send the ball from point A to point B, but tonight we couldn’t get to point B. I have no explanation. Except it was a really tough week. " Since the beginning of 2021, Liverpool has played six games and won only seven points, they were eliminated from the FA Cup.

Liverpool will have the difficult task of trying to win the title again. They waited a long time for the title from last season and it seemed that the main favorites were to win it again. Still, it seems that most of the players have lost the motivation and desire they lacked and that Klopp needs to change some things.

The Liverpool management will have patience with him because he has brought them a lot so far and it is necessary for them to see what the main problem is. Will Liverpool manage to get out of the crisis? We'll find out.