Dortmund wants to sell Sancho to Manchester United due to the financial crisis

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Dortmund wants to sell Sancho to Manchester United due to the financial crisis

German Bild writes, everyone else reports: Borussia Dortmund significantly reduced the claims for Jadon Sancho in order to try to bring Manchester United back to the negotiating table! The 20-year-old England international has been the club's first target from Old Trafford for almost a year, but the Millionaires showed no signs of goodwill for the transfer, not giving up on the 120,000,000 euros.

Manchester United had several good offers for Sancho and the last one was:105,000,000 euros, but the Germans once again remained firm in their position that Sancho cannot go for less than 120,000,000. Due to the great crisis, United definitely withdrew from the negotiations and opted for the significantly cheaper Amad Diallo from Atalanta and they paid him 21,000,000 euros.

Compared to summer and autumn, however, a lot has changed, primarily in the thinking of the people of Dortmund. Jaydon Sancho is not playing as well as he can this season, he is in a bad form and Bild claims that Borussia is ready to lower the price by as much as 20,000,000 euros for that reason.

Borussia losses

The losses that Borussia records due to the closed Westphalen, one of the largest stadiums in Europe, are increasing. They allegedly reached the amount of 75,000,000 euros, and that is another reason why they are seriously considering selling Sancho at a lower price.

However, the dilemma remains with certain structures in the club whether it would be better to wait for the EURO, which could raise the price for the young ace ... Although he has faced a lot of criticism this season, Sancho's numbers are not so bad at all.

Although they say this is the worst season of his short career, eight goals and 13 assists in 25 games reclassify him as one of the most productive players in the Bundesliga. Now, United is aware that he could be a mistake just like Kai Havertz and Timo Werner.

The young stars of German football did not adapt well in the Premier League. The English will think a lot. Especially since now, they are “dictating the pace”. It should never be surprising if they manage to further reduce the price.

Because now Dortmund is being offered to them. Indirectly, though ... Jadon Sancho is a good friend of Rashford, but also of some other players from the England national team who play for United. Maybe that fact will be the reason for his transfer to United.