Rudiger denies having a conflict with Lampard

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Rudiger denies having a conflict with Lampard

Chelsea has started a new life under the command of Thomas Tuchel, but they still can't get rid of the problems which happened in the past and everything that happened around the dismissal of Frank Lampard. Many stories have been told on this topic, and England media covered the events and the departure of the best scorer in the history of Chelsea with great attention.

From the fact that Frank Lampard was in an open clinch with the management and especially the director Marin Granovskaia, to the divisions that arose due to the dissatisfaction of the players. Antonio Rudiger is one of Lampard's executioners after he allegedly met with board members and complained about the attitude of the former head coach at Stamford Bridge towards certain players, which led to divisions.

Rudiger has been demoted to Chelsea since the summer after the arrival of Thiago Silva and had Lampard's permission to leave, but he did not find an engagement, which is why he stayed in West London.

Rudiger shared his story

During the opening fifteen games in the Premier League, he played only once, but that is why he played as a starter in three of the last four games under Lampard's leadership.

After everything that was said and written, Rudiger felt the need to present his side of the story to the public ... "In the last week, I have read numerous nonsense and lies about me," the German began sharply, and continued: "I never talked to about the situation in the team, or the coach, or anything else."

Contrary to what is being said, Rudiger claims that he had a great relationship with Lampard from the first to the last moment ... "Frank Lampard believed in my qualities after Christmas, when the situation became very difficult, and I thank him for that.

That's why I told my agents not to ask me for any engagement this winter because I wanted to stay." "Unfortunately, we failed to turn things around for the better at Lampard. And we wanted it very much, because of him, us and the club.

" Rudiger praised Lampard for his courage to do what many before him could not, did not want, and wanted - to give a chance to club academics ... "He took over this club last season when the situation was complicated for us.

He managed to take us to the Champions League. He gave many young players from the club a chance and did a great job." "I'm sure Frank Lampard will return to Chelsea one day."