Guti left Madrid and decided to continue his coaching career in Turkey

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Guti left Madrid and decided to continue his coaching career in Turkey

Jose Maria Gutierrez Hernandez, better known as Guti, spent as much as 29 years at Real Madrid. He played for the Royal Club in 1986, then for the first team in 1995, to spend the 2010/11 season in Besiktas, the last in his playing career and the only one during which he did not defend the colors of Los Blancos.

He then worked for five years as a coach in Real's youth selections, did not get a chance in Castile and the first team, so now he claims that the doors of the "Santiago Bernabeu" stadium are closed to him.

After a playing career, he returned to the beginning and as a coach led the Real youth. When he realized that he would not progress and that there was no place for him in Madrid, he tried again in Turkey. He returned to Besiktas, where he put an end to his playing career, in order to be an assistant to Senol Gunes.

A year later, the first independent coaching engagement arrived. He accepted Almeria's invitation but stayed only a few months. He is free now. He desperately wants to get back on the bench, so he used the extra free time to watch as many games as he could.

He analyzed numerous tactical variants and thus perfected himself.

Guti on Real Madrid

In the interview for El Pais, he spoke primarily about Real Madrid, where he spent almost his entire life. "It's a completely different world outside.

When you're at Real Madrid, it's like you're in a bubble and when you go out you realize that it's not the reality of football, nor the everyday life of former footballers." He said that Real is a club you don't want to leave, but Guti is not sorry that he decided to take such a step.

"It was the right time, I was in the youth team for two years. The first year was very good, the second not so much. I needed a bigger challenge." " I didn't leave because they didn't give me Castila.

I left because the Real Madrid benches and Castilla were full and I wanted to advance in my career. If I stayed another season with the youngsters, it would be a step backward. " Many were surprised by his decision to go to Turkey "A completely different place, the club signed me even though I didn't know the coach at all, but it was a very positive experience.

I attended a different method of work. I started to feel life in the locker room as a coach and learned all the difficulties this profession brings. I tried to help as much as I could and tried to progress and learn. "