Andre Villas Boas leaves the club dissatisfied with the situation

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Andre Villas Boas leaves the club dissatisfied with the situation

Chaos in Marseille. Yesterday, today, probably tomorrow. The fans are furious, the best players (Dmitri Payet and Florian Thauvin) are in conflict, the management brings players without consulting the coach, the team does not function (four tied defeats), and in such a situation Andre Villas-Boas sees the only way out in - resignations.

"I don't want to be fired, but I want to leave because of differences in attitudes related to sports." "I have great respect for the president of the club because he solved the problem of television rights, however, the differences are too big and it affects my professionalism."

"I can not anymore. I offered my resignation to the Board of Directors, I have not yet heard feedback on whether they accept it or not. "

Morgan Sanson

The reason for this reaction of Villas-Boas is the moves of the leaders at the end of the January transfer period.

Five days ago, Morgan Sanson was sold to Aston Villa for 15,000,000 euros. "It is not the first time that a player who is not the choice of coach comes to the club, but it is not the way I work," the former head of the professional staff of Porto, Chelsea, and Zenit disagrees with signing Ntcham.

"I was looking for a better option than Sanson. If there’s one thing we can’t touch, it’s my professional relationship with the team. I can't accept what happened. This club has been functioning in a different way than mine for two or three years now when it comes to transfers.

" It is not difficult to conclude that the differences are almost insurmountable, and the ambiance at least chaotic. "I want to be clear: I'm not asking for anything from Marseille, I don't want money, I just want to leave.

People post nonsense as I insist on paying compensation. I wanted to clarify that. " Dissatisfaction was caused by the fact that the management did not consult him, not only when it comes to Ntcham. "It's about different angles of looking at sports.

Even when it comes to the departure of Nemanja Radonjić. They told me about him at 10.30 ", Villas-Boas spreads his arms, remembering yesterday, even though the Serb flew to Berlin a lot at that time. There is also his guilt.

He tied four defeats. "I am to blame for a series of bad results. I am focused on visiting Lens, a team that plays great football, it will be an interesting match, we will try to prepare it in the best way." " It is our obligation to be professionals, we are waiting for the victory in order to finally get out of the crisis ", added Andre Villas-Boas.