Koeman: "I'm not sure Messi will stay, although I hope so"

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Koeman: "I'm not sure Messi will stay, although I hope so"

Five more months and the end. Lionel Messi came to Barcelona two decades ago, passed the younger categories, won everything he could with the seniors, filled the museum with cups, pockets with money, but it seems that he no longer sees himself in Catalonia.

The Argentine will wait for his contract to expire, to change the environment as a free agent. It seems that they accepted the departure of one of the best football players in the world of all time at the Nou Camp stadium, as soon as Ronald Koeman slowly raises his hands from the scenario according to which Messi would train in the 2021/22 competition.

"I'm not sure he will stay, although I hope so," the Dutchman shook his head in an extensive interview for British Athletic. "I wish because he is still a great player, capable of solving matches. I enjoy training him.

It is unreal what quality he demonstrates in training, every day. He came to Barcelona as a child and I can't imagine him in any other jersey. " It seems that Koeman, but also everyone in Barça, will have to get used to life without Leo.

Messi wanted to leave

Especially since he insisted on leaving this summer, but then the obstacle was the buyout clause of 100,000,000 euros, which even Manchester City, as the first favorite, and Paris Saint-Germain, as a shadow candidate, did not want to pay.

"A difficult period is behind the Messi. He still plays at the top level, but he was angry because of certain situations in the club and unhappy because of the convincing defeat by Bayern in the quarterfinals of the Champions League (2: 8)."

"He went crazy and wanted to leave Barcelona when I arrived. My first message to the club was that what was happening between them was not my problem, but between Leo and the managers, that they had to solve it. In the end, the leaders told me: 'We will not sell Messi, he must stay.'

"It was difficult for the Messiah to agree in the end. " Maybe because of the dialogue with the Koeman "Before the start of the season, we talked in his home, I presented my plans and saw that he was very excited.

I knew he was facing problems at the club, but I kept to the side." " I told him that I would be happy if he stayed and that leaving would be just his decision, unrelated to the club. I told him that if he stays, he will be part of the team, play in his favorite position, where he can give the most."

"Little by little, Leo accepted the circumstances and just look at what he looks like in recent weeks. He is dedicated to the team, but no one knows what will happen in the future. "