Sergio Ramos wants to sign for Manchester United

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Sergio Ramos wants to sign for Manchester United

Five and a half years ago, it was claimed that Sergio Ramos had an agreement with Manchester United. Everything became clear when the defender initialed new cooperation with Real Madrid. The story is relevant again and again in the middle of Ramos' negotiations with Real.

The captain did not agree with the Royal Club, his contract expires at the end of the season and the Spanish media claim that the two sides are further and further away from the continuation of cooperation. The Mirror claims that Old Trafford is the preferred destination of the 34-year-old defender.

For weeks, Real has been negotiating with their captain, but Ramos is not giving up. The first obstacle was skipped, the Spaniard convinced the management to offer him a two-year contract, but he will hardly bypass the second.

These are, of course, the financial aspects of cooperation. One of the best defenders in the world has been at the Santiago Bernabeu since 2005 when he turned 35 in March, but he did not want to agree to a reduction of ten percent, but a reduced salary.

Due to the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, even one of the richest clubs in the world had to cut the salaries of its players, so Ramos dropped from 12,000,000 to "trivial" 10,800,000 euros a year. But then he didn't complain, because everyone was deprived of ten percent of their income, but he obviously doesn't want to go below that.

Real does not give in either, and they have already reached an agreement with David Alaba, so it seems that after 16 years, the two sides will part.

Interested clubs

Numerous clubs have already seen the opportunity to move to their ranks a man who has five titles in the Primera, four in the Champions League, as well as two European championships won with the Spanish national team and one World Cup.

He has the right to negotiate with clubs outside Spain, so it was written about the interest of Beckham's Inter Miami, but also rich clubs from Asia. However, Ramos does not want to go east, Asia is not an attractive destination for his family, Florida is certainly more attractive, but Ramos' brother and agent Rene Ramos is targeting England.

That is why the rich Paris Saint-Germain could hang out, who is seriously eager to move him to his ranks. Apparently, the football player is not too impressed by the idea to move to Paris and play at the Princes' Park.

Apparently, he decided to prove himself in the Premier League as well. The Mirror also claims that he is aiming to join the ranks of Manchester United. The same paper states that only a couple of clubs can meet Ramos' income.

Among the clubs that could afford it are certainly Manchester City and Liverpool, but a source close to the player claims that moving to one of these two clubs would be complicated. Even Everton is in the game, primarily because of Carlo Ancelotti, who spent two years in Madrid with an experienced defender. Still, Ramos' choice is United.