Paul Scholes: "It seems that this United cannot win any big game."

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Paul Scholes: "It seems that this United cannot win any big game."

Not only are Manchester United fans disappointed that their team collapsed from first place in the table, but the former aces of the Red Devils also are not hiding their disappointment either. After the draw with Arsenal in London (0: 0), Roy Keane was the first to speak, with the message that United is afraid of fighting for the first place, and after him, Paul Scholes gave his "five cents"

Paul Scholes is known for criticizing his former team for a long time, in which he spent his entire career and where he is considered as a legend. Scholes and Garry Neville, as well as Roy Keane, have many objections to the game of United, but also to the game of some players.

Bruno Fernandes is one of those who are the most important Manchester United player and without whom they probably wouldn’t be at the top of the table. Fernandes is a player with a great vision, a shot but also a fight that is necessary.

Still, Scholes is not happy with his games in the big games. The legendary midfielder of Manchester especially named Bruno Fernandes, who is considered by many to be the best player on the team. "It seems that this United cannot win any big game.

They can't find a way. Bruno Fernandes was a big disappointment for each of them. He has great numbers of goals and assists, but in the last five games against great rivals, he has neither a goal nor an assist ", underlined Scholes.

Arsenal was good

Arsenal started the season desperately and the results were not at a satisfactory level. However, in the last few games, they have returned to the right form and started playing as they used to when they were fighting for the top of the table.

Although they were without Saka and Auabameyang, they showed that they can play well against "big" names and if they continue to fight like this they could play in the Europe competitions next season. The former United midfielder is most hurt by the lack of "hunger" that the current players of his club show.

"Arsenal is a big name, it's a big match, but at the moment there is no big team. Despite that, Manchester did not win. I did not see an excessive desire to win the match. I didn't see them "break" on the field.

" "Although Arsenal without Saka and Aubameyang is not such a threat, United did not do much to win the game," said Paul Scholes. Hope appeared that the Red Devils could ascend to the throne, and then quickly, it seems, faded…