Details of Messi's contract revealed: How much did he earn in four years?

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Details of Messi's contract revealed: How much did he earn in four years?

Spanish El Mundo writes exclusively in the weekly edition about the economic details of the contract that Leo Messi signed with Barcelona four years ago. The same paper points out that "the pharaonic contract destroyed Barcelona"

Of course, the story was on the front page, with the figure of 555,237,619 euros gross. Messi earned that much, that is, he will earn, from 2017 until the end of the contract, that is, until June 30 this year. El Mundo confirms everything with documents, and part of the contract can be seen on the website.

This paper assures that the Argentine signed a contract in November 2017, which brings him up to 138,000,000 euros per season! The contract includes two bonuses: One for accepting the contract extension (115,225,000 euros) and another for loyalty - 77,929,955 euros.

The mentioned contract between Messi and Barcelona ends on June 30. And it was sealed in November 2017. Barca's top ten has already secured 92% of the contract earnings despite Barcelona's not-so-great games this season as well as previous ones.

El Mundo estimates the total figure of Messi's salary from 2017 to 2021 at 555,237,619 euros, gross.

Messi will leave Barcelona?

"The figure is the sum of a fixed salary, media rights, a series of bonuses and variables," writes El Mundo.

When taxes are deducted, it is estimated that the Argentine collected around 297,000,000 euros. So, more than half of the gross amount. Approximately about 74,000,000 euros net per year, or about 210,297 euros daily net earnings.

Of course, the story immediately started about why the information was aired, why right now, and of course that the elections in Barcelona are a very possible and real reason for all this fame. Some Spanish journalists estimate that the appearance of this information is another attempt to "drive Messi out of the club"

And that the information reached the newspaper "from the club" As a reminder, Leo Messi wanted to leave the club this summer, dissatisfied with the ruin in the club that lasts. Barça somehow managed to keep him by force, but they won't ask anything next summer.

Messi's contract with the Catalans expires at the end of this season and the Argentine will be able to choose a new club. A real miracle should happen and a huge turn in the functioning of the club should follow in order for Messi to have mercy on staying and signing a new contract. After this information leak, it really seems that something very difficult will happen