France Ligue 1 brings Neymar on Netflix?

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France Ligue 1 brings Neymar on Netflix?

From next season, which will start on 21 August with the match between Marseille and Saint Etienne, French Ligue 1 will collect € 1.1 billion per season in TV rights, until 2024. And the French championship is also becoming a laboratory for the future of game broadcasting.

According to the team, in fact, Mediapro has concluded an agreement with Netflix to more easily enlarge the audience of subscribers. The new offer of the Spanish group, which with Canal + and the mobile operator Free has allowed French football to break through the ceiling of one billion euros per season in television rights collections -, breaks the mold, innovating with an alliance unpublished.

The 6.7 million Netflix subscribers in France will therefore have the opportunity to enjoy the performances of Neymar and Mbappé, with around 5 euros more per month. A deal also for the American platform which can thus escape the direct competition of the various Amazon, Disney and Apple.

Although Mediapro does not exclude new agreements with the Iphone parent company, or with Facebook.

Juventus FC won Italian Serie A

Juventus FC won the Italian Serie A, the 9th in row and the 36th of its history! Despite a complicated game for a few moments, Sarri's team does not fail the second match point and wins the 9th consecutive Italian title.

Against Sampdoria the match ends 2-0, opened by the goal in the extratime of the first half of Cristiano Ronaldo - the 31st this year, are 450 in the championships played in his career - who takes the cover of the evening and the title, his second in Serie A.

The Portuguese is also an 'accomplice' to the goal that ends the challenge, signed by Bernardeschi, but has on his conscience the penalty missed in the final that keeps him away from Immobile in the bomber ranking.

The other great protagonist of the season, Dybala, exults halfway through an injury that worries him in view of the Champions League. Meanwhile Sarri, the oldest coach ever to win a championship in Italy, celebrates the first personal Scudetto and on the Juventus bench.

He does it two days in advance, after a journey always at the top of the standings, and putting behind the difficulties highlighted in the last period. Ranieri's team, however, comes out with their heads held high at the Stadium to make way for the bianconeri party.

Meanwhile Juventus FC presents the new shirt, which will debut on the next Saturday in the match against AS Roma, for the last match of the Italian Serie A. In the video posted today by the club on social media to present the official jacket of the next season, the first image you see is just that of a bucket of paint and a brush.

"Our stripes, our statement", reads in the post. Then Paulo Dybala, Sara Gama (player of Juventus FC women's club), Cristiano Ronaldo many others wearing the new shirt, which sees the return of traditional vertical lines, but brush strokes.

There are also inlays in gold, from the sponsor to the Adidas brand up to the starry J. Everything can already be purchased online. With this shirt the club wanted to represent the spirit of a team in constant evolution but which respects its traditions, with a classic aesthetic and a modern refresh inspired by the world of contemporary art, reads the Juventus press release which also underlines the reappearance of the iconic black and white stripes.

In recent weeks the club had anticipated something about the new design, gaining the approval of the vast majority of fans.