Panic in Barcelona: The club is in big debt that will have to pay off

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Panic in Barcelona: The club is in big debt that will have to pay off

A state of hysteria and deep concern at the Camp Nou stadium! What was speculated about months ago has now become a bitter pill of despair - Barcelona's official debt amounts to a staggering 1,170,000,000 euros! Yes, you read that right, Barcelona's debt really amounts to over a billion European banknotes, and that was confirmed by the annual financial report of the Catalan giant.

Former president Josep Maria Bartomeu brought the club to the brink of ruin with his business! Barcelona has already confirmed a debt of over 1,170,000,000 in the 2019/20 season, and in terms of items it looks like this - 730,670,000 euros are short-term debts, another 138,000,000 euros are due after the 2021/22 season, and another 71,000,000 euros after the end of the competition 2022/23, and then an incredible 233,000,000 euros in 2024!

Barcelona's biggest debts are to various banks of 256,000,000 euros. Let us remind you, in November, the team agreed to currently give up as much as 122,000,000 euros from that amount, which should be paid in the next four years, and that represents an additional burden.

Another 2,500,000 euros are owed due to insurance. Barcelona has lost almost 100,000,000 euros since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, which was first stated publicly by the presidential candidate Joan Laporta during the submission of signatures for the elections.

The club is in the 2019/20 competition turned over 855,000,000 euros, which is 203,000,000 European banknotes less than the planned 1,058,000,000 euros!

They owe money to players

The club also made the decision to transfer all payments to the players and the professional staff from January to February, and recently the Spanish media reported that the payments were very late.

Apart from the coronavirus pandemic, the biggest burden on the budget is the unpaid transfer costs to other clubs. Short-term debts are around 126,000,000 euros, and when long-term liabilities are added to that, the minus is close to 200,000,000 euros.

Barcelona currently owes money to as many as 19 players, some of whom are not even in the club anymore. For example, at the end of this season, Barça should have paid an installment of 29,000,000 euros for Filipe Coutinho, while even earlier there was a debt for him in the amount of 40,000,000 euros.

A total of 69,000,000 euros! This means that Barcelona will owe as much as 69,000,000 out of 160,000,000 euros in the summer, which was the amount of the agreed compensation. Furthermore, Barcelona did not pay Ajax as much as 48,000,000 out of 86,000,000 euros for Frankie de Jong, of which an installment of 16,000,000 euros should be paid in the summer.

Furthermore, Barcelona owes 53,000,000 euros on paper for the transfer of Miralem Pjanić from Juventus! Let us remind you, Bianconeri and the Catalan giant agreed on transfers last summer, after which Arthur Melo went to Turin for 70,000,000 euros, and Pjanić ended up at the Camp Nou stadium for 60,000,000 euros