FA Cup derby: Manchester United vs Liverpool

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FA Cup derby: Manchester United vs Liverpool

The biggest England derby, the 205th in a row, did not live up to expectations. Liverpool and Manchester United failed at Anfield, they played 0-0 a week ago in the Premier League, and now they have the opportunity to improve their impression.

One thing is for sure, in the FA Cup one team will celebrate. Along with Arsenal (14), Manchester is the most successful club in the competition. The Red Devils have won 12 titles, the last in 2016, while the Reds have been waiting for the trophy to be lifted since 2006.

Last weekend, the answer to the question of who is the best in England did not arrive, and the Red Devils and Reds are welcoming the new classic, this time at Old Trafford, in a diametrically opposite mood. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's team was only slowed down by the draw at Anfield, but not stopped.

United continued where they left off before sharing the points with the biggest rival. The Red Devils knocked down Fulham at Craven Cottage and jealously guard the first place. Liverpool is shaking with a serious crisis, the team of Jurgen Klopp suffered a defeat at Anfield after three years and eight months.

Liverpool is in trouble

The Reds don't swim well through injury problems, they look depressed, and Burnley has become their executioner. Ashley Barnes scored against Liverpool, the Reds did not score a goal for the fourth match in a row, and the only triumph in the last six matches was achieved in the FA Cup against the Aston Villa youth team.

Liverpool is in the knockdown. From a team that destroyed rivals, was a goal-scoring machine that burst with confidence, it got to the point of insecurely entering every match and cannot carry the epithet of an absolute favorite.

And here is a chance for Solskjaer, to finally win against big rival. United under his command does not excel in derbies, he is the king of small games, and they brought him to the head of the Premier League caravan. Solskjaer deserves big victories.

Tottenham outclassed them, Arsenal won, City knocked out in the semi-finals of the League Cup, and with Liverpool and Chelsea, the Red Devils drew this season. Despite numerous failures in derbies, United is pushing well through the season, and the reason lies in away games.

The Red Devils did not lose over a year at home, and against Fulham, they equaled the club record of 17 games without defeat on the side. The guest appearances are United's trump card, and at the beginning of the season, The Theater of Dreams could comfortably be called the Nightmare Theater for United.

In the first four matches in the Premier League, the Red Devils did not celebrate at home. Regardless of the circumstances around the two clubs, the situation on the table, quality, and form, the meeting between the Reds and the Devil will always be considered one of the greatest derbies in English football, and according to many, it is the biggest derby in the world.