Transfer saga finally over: Mesut Ozil signed for Fenerbahce

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Transfer saga finally over: Mesut Ozil signed for Fenerbahce

Hardly any player has better portrayed the phase of Arsenal's complete weakness in the fight to return to the very top of English football, as was the case with Mesut Ozil. The former member of the German national team wore an Arsenal jersey for seven years (he was not in the competition in the current season), and in that period he went through everything that a football player in a big European club can go through.

Sometimes he was brilliant but sometimes his games were awful, he was in a situation to be strongly loved by the demanding Arsenal audience, but in the end, he made a serious effort to make many in London feel contempt for his moves.

However, today, the saga about his transfer to Fenerbahce is finally over. After passing medical examinations, Ozil was promoted as a big signing of the Turkish giant, with whom he will sign a contract for three and a half years.

He experienced that everyone at Arsenal could hardly wait to see his back, all because of the astronomical salary, which he has not justified in the last few years with his performance on the field.

Edu on Ozil

We thank Mesut for his huge contribution to Arsenal.

He recorded over 250 appearances, won FA Cup trophies, and provided fans and everyone at the club with many wonderful moments from 2013 until today. We thank Ozil and his team for their professionalism during the recent negotiations," director Edu said.

Ozil leaves Arsenal after 254 games in all competitions, ie 44 goals and 77 assists. He became a gunner in September 2013, when Arsenal broke the club record for him and paid 47,000,000 euros. He won four FA Cups but was not close to the championship trophy.

"Mesut's achievements at Arsenal are undeniable. It was a privilege to play next to him, and lately to coach him. His creativity and vision led us to many goals during his stay at Arsenal. Mesut was at the center of many great moments for this club.

"Success in the FA Cup will always be a part of our history. We thank Mesut and wish him all the best with Fenerbahce," said Arteta. Mesut Ozil will now have the opportunity to revive his career in Turkey. Fenerbahce is great this season and they are in the race for the champion and maybe Ozil could be a key figure in their goal for the title.

Although most were surprised by this transfer, Ozil could show that he still has magic in his legs and who knows, maybe he will end up in England again.