Barcelona will decide the fate of Dembele in the summer

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Barcelona will decide the fate of Dembele in the summer

Ousmane Dembele managed to tie seven games in all competitions and to be effective with two goals and seven assists. As much as the news made everyone in the club happy, it was a little worrying considering the long history of injuries of the French winger.

That is why Ronald Koeman and his professional staff are trying to dose his time on the field and recovery in order to prevent new problems that would again separate the 140,000,000 euros paid offensive player from the field.

Since he healed his injury, Dembele is practically in a kind of audition where he has to constantly prove that he is ready for the highest level of football and to carry Barcelona's game in the long run, as Lionel Messi's time is slowly coming to an end.

Despite the injuries, Dembele managed to become an important figure in Koeman's team, but there is still a dilemma as to how long the good games will last. That is, whether the injury that will separate him from the field for a month, two, or longer will be prevented again.

Three scenarios

Due to that, the club has not decided yet what to do with him. Dembele is slowly approaching a situation when he will have only one more year left on his contract, which is the point when there are three scenarios - cooperation is extended, the player is sold or waiting to leave without compensation if one of the first two conditions is not met.

It is this third scenario that Barcelona wants to avoid at all costs. The goal is to determine Dembele's fate in Barcelona by the summer. For that, it will be necessary for Barça to get a new president first because, without him, nothing will be possible.

The president of the technical management, Carlos Tusquets, stated that he would not do anything that could additionally endanger the club's finances, and the elections that were scheduled for January 24 were canceled and postponed to March 7.

The reason is the coronavirus pandemic, and the beginning of March is the last deadline so that plans for the future can be made in peace later. It should be reminded that Barcelona wanted to sell Dembele to Manchester United this summer.

The agreement was not reached because the clubs could not agree on their terms, and Dembele was not sure at the time whether United was the right environment for him, even though his compatriot and teammate from the national team Paul Pogba persuaded him to come