Gareth Southgate after Denmark: I'm not happy, I know what we need to work on

"At the moment we’re not using the ball well enough and we have to accept if you do that, you’re going to suffer at times as we have tonight."

by Sead Dedovic
Gareth Southgate after Denmark: I'm not happy, I know what we need to work on
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English manager Gareth Southgate couldn't have been pleased with his team's performance after they failed to secure a victory against Denmark in the group stage of the EURO. It seemed that there was a lack of basic chemistry among the England players, which is an aspect they need to work on in the coming period. 

England was not particularly impressive even in their first match against Serbia, where they faced numerous problems. Despite managing to win, facing Denmark confirmed that the English team needs to make changes. The long-time coach of this team, Gareth Southgate, was unhappy with his team's performance and emphasized that this outcome was not what they had hoped for.

"Clearly not what we would have hoped [for]," -Gareth Southgate said, as quoted by Eurosport.

The 53-year-old coach believes that his team is not using the ball well enough and that they will feel the consequences if they continue like this. Looking at the roster of this team, England appears to be the most complete team in the EURO. However, their performances have not confirmed that. Southgate thinks that they will have to put in huge effort if they want to change things in the upcoming period.

"At the moment we’re not using the ball well enough and we have to accept if you do that, you’re going to suffer at times as we have tonight. We know there’s another level that we’ve got to find. There's a huge amount of work."- Southgate said.

Southgate stresses that it's evident from their two performances that they need to change some things. No one is satisfied with England's current performance, despite having stars in their roster. However, having stars is not a guarantee of success. Southgate is aware of this fact.

"That's evident from the two performances we've given and we've got to be tight. We understand people will be disappointed with the performances and rightly so and we've got to make them better."- he continued.

The English coach admitted that a huge problem has been not keeping the ball. The English public has already reacted strongly, criticizing everyone, but the coach is always under the most scrutiny and receives the most criticism. Southgate is accustomed to such reactions, having been part of the England national team for many years. The 53-year-old is not satisfied with many aspects of the game, including the pressing. The intensity that characterizes England was lacking last night, which requires deep analysis and discussions. Southgate will need to talk to the players and determine what crucial changes need to be made in the upcoming matches.

It was noticeable that the England team wasn't defensively set up ideally, which allowed the Danes to apply pressure and thereafter score the equalizing goal. Morten Hjulmand, a player from Sporting, scored a spectacular goal, showing Southgate's team that they wouldn't have an easy task against them. The defense, at times, dropped deep, making it easier for the Danes. When asked by reporters if he instructed the defense to drop back, the English coach gave a negative response.

"No. We’ve played teams that are quite fluid in back threes and it’s not easy to get pressure on them but we’ve definitely got to do better than we have done in these two matches."

Harry Kane reacts to his team's performance

Harry Kane, alongside Jude Bellingham, likely the biggest star of this team, also highlighted that dropping deep posed a huge problem for them. The Bayern Munich forward believes that they will need to work on this aspect, as their team doesn't perform ideally under pressure. Although they tried to confront the Danes in the second half and retrieve the ball, their intentions were once again prevented.

"I think it's something we've got to get better at. I think we're starting games well but when the teams are dropping deeper we're not quite sure how to get the pressure on and who's going."- Harry Kane said.

Harry Kane
Harry Kane© Catherine Ivill / getty Images

The brilliant forward had nothing but praise for Denmark, congratulating them on a superb performance. His priority, along with everyone within the team, is to analyze the match and identify what they could change as early as the next game against Slovenia. The Slovenians have proven to be a dangerous opponent so far, as no one has managed to defeat them yet. The English know they must secure a victory if they want to progress further.

The English were among the favorites before the start of this EURO, but after such performances, many are questioning whether this team really has the potential for something more. It's difficult to draw conclusions this early, but it's clear that they need to change many things.

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