Real Madrid wants to send Martin Odegaard on loan to Arsenal

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Real Madrid wants to send Martin Odegaard on loan to Arsenal

Luka Jović went to Frankfurt, and it seems that Martin Odegaard will also be on loan. Real Madrid is well on its way to resolving the status of another player who doesn't get many minutes this season. It's just that the Norwegian will not end up in San Sebastian, as he wanted, but in - Arsenal.

Information from Spain and England points to the conclusion that the 22-year-old creative midfielder is one step closer to moving to London. Temporary, because the Gunners would get him by the summer in the form of a free loan, without the right to negotiate the purchase of the contract at all.

It was the desire to sign a playmaker that prevailed in relation to the proposals of the leader of Sociedad. The club from Anoeta first wanted to include a must-buy clause in the loan agreement so that they could bring him permanently, then they announced their intention to extend the loan to the 2021/22 competition, however, Florentino Perez did not like any of that, which is why that transfer will never happen.

Arsenal lacks a game organizator

However as we already said above, As states that his managers played a key role in choosing the next club for Odegaard. It is not stated how many there are, but in San Sebastian, they believe that the agents "drilled" another Martin's mandate at Anoeta (last season he scored seven and set nine goals) in the desire to take him to the Premier League.

From their point of view, there is a better chance that an English club will notice him in the Emirates, maybe buy in the future, and since England clubs pay more than the Spaniards, the plan is understandable for people who care about the 22-year-old footballer's career profit.

Arsenal, which lacks a game organizer, could profit for a start. Odegaard seems to be a very good solution for the style created by Mikel Arteta, and one of the hints that the job is about to be realized is the good business relations between Arsenal and Real.

We can see it in the case of Dani Ceballos, with the 24-year-old midfielder's stay in London extended this summer for another year. Odegaard would have to return in June, to try to convince Zinedine Zidane - or some other coach, depending on the outcome of the season - that he is capable of the Royal Club, after a disappointing treatment and only 367 minutes from September until today.