Jordan Ibe: "I'm suffering from depression."

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Jordan Ibe: "I'm suffering from depression."

The fate of young players in a big club. Especially if they are declared huge talents and (or) when they get the money. In 2013, Liverpool promoted Jordan Ibe as a footballer of the future, they hoped that the wing midfielder would benefit them in terms of results, but as it usually happens, the landing was painful.

So much so that the 25-year-old football player is now facing psychological problems. He is bothered by something that has no points of contact with the ball, tactics, coach ... "I apologize to all my fans around the planet.

I'm tired of myself, I'm in a dark place, I'm suffering from depression. This is not a joke for the media, just to talk about me, it's really hard for me ", the current member of the Derby County admitted in a shocking message on social networks.

He arrived at Pride Park in September, but he played only three minutes away to Stoke, he struggled with injuries, but also with serious problems. Not since yesterday.


In March last year, he crashed his car into a cafe in London, and only a few months later, he began the process of rehabilitation in order to improve his mental health.

"I appreciate the messages of support and love you send me. Times are hard, in general, because of the pandemic, but it is important to me that my family and Derby support me." "I'll take care of it, I'm 100 percent committed to that goal.

Not only because of my family, close friends or my daughter but also because of myself ", added Ibe, who played 58 games for Liverpool and scored only four goals. In the meantime, the trip took him on loan to Birmingham and Derby, in 2016, the Reds sold him to Bournemouth for 18,000,000 euros, after the expiration of his contract, he left Vitality Stadium and arrived in Derby.

He was not responsible in the new club, the club initiated disciplinary proceedings in the fall and decided to punish him for his behavior. "We have completed this process. Everything that happened remains between us. Ibe missed a lot of training."

"We will make a special program for him so that we can get him back in rhythm as soon as possible, and as soon as he is ready to train with the first team, that will happen, "added Derby coach Wayne Rooney. Many athletes have been facing mental health problems lately and it is necessary to support them, especially when we are aware of how much a pandemic affects all of us, not just footballers.