Owen Hargreaves Ahead of CL Final: Jadon Sancho Must Play with Swagger

“The difference between the way he is playing at Dortmund and United is pretty vast."

by Sead Dedovic
Owen Hargreaves Ahead of CL Final: Jadon Sancho Must Play with Swagger
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Jadon Sancho has had a fantastic season at Borussia Dortmund, and his intentions are to finish the last match of this season in style. It won't be an ordinary match. It's the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund. The German team has surprisingly reached the final, but it's undeniable that Dortmund has qualities, as no team can reach the final without the necessary quality. 

Sancho is currently on loan to the German team, as he wasn't particularly impressive at Manchester United. Former player of this club, Owen Hargreaves, during a conversation on TNT Sports, commented on Jadon Sancho and his adventure at Borussia Dortmund. Hargreaves is pleased that Sancho is playing brilliantly at Dortmund and that many have forgotten about the qualities of the young Englishman.

“I was really happy for Jadon because he's obviously had a tough time. He just showed everybody what Jadon Sancho was capable of. And that's all it is. What you’ve got to do is show people. I think a lot of people forgot Jadon had that. Whether it's confidence or fitness or whatever, in the biggest game of the season [against PSG], Jadon had it and that's all professional sports is - you’ve got to have it when you need it.”- Owen Hargreaves said, as quoted by Eurosport.

Real Madrid will be the favorite in this final, considering Real Madrid's history in this competition, as well as the strength and quality of this team. Real Madrid arguably has the best individuals in Europe, but football is a team game, and finals can always bring surprises. Real Madrid has proven to be a great team this season, winning La Liga. 

On the other hand, Dortmund has not excelled in the German league, but they improved in the second half of the season, securing a place in the most elite football competition for the next season. Many wonder how Jadon Sancho will fare in the final, considering the pressure of this match and the quality of Real Madrid's defenders.

Hargreaves pointed out the challenge Sancho faces against Real left-back Ferland Mendy, mentioning Mendy's explosive qualities. He emphasized that Sancho will need to use his signature moves, such as dropping the shoulder and disrupting Mendy's balance. Hargreaves expressed confidence that if Sancho plays with belief and confidence, he has the ability to trouble any opponent.

Ferland Mendy
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Furthermore, Hargreaves mentioned that Real Madrid will likely have a strategy to contain Sancho, but emphasized the importance of confidence for Sancho. He highlighted the essence of Sancho's first few touches in the game, suggesting that if they are confident, Sancho appears to have a strong belief in his abilities.

Jadon Sancho was disappointed with his stint at Manchester United, and there was much talk about his conflict with the coach. During a period of time, the Englishman was absent due to his battle with depression. However, after some time, he returned, but still failed to satisfy the appetites of United fans and the coach. Hargreaves revealed what the key difference is why the winger performs brilliantly at Dortmund, while he wasn't particularly good at United.

“The difference between the way he is playing at Dortmund and United is pretty vast. One thing I would say is at United he didn’t show the form we all thought he would, but also he was rotated and changed a lot, whereas at Dortmund he pretty much knows he's going to play and I think that gives you a different level of confidence, because you're not always looking over your shoulder, if you're going to get dropped."- Hargreaves said.

Jadon Sancho
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The former Manchester United footballer believes that the environment plays an important role in the whole story and that there are many factors at play, but he still emphasizes that an excellent footballer must perform well at all times. Owen believes that even when you're not consistently playing well, you have to find a way to elevate your game. He hopes that the Englishman will showcase his qualities in the upcoming period. 

Jadon Sancho's future

Tomorrow, the final between Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund will be played, and fans expect a real spectacle. Although the Spaniards are favorites, we all know the German mentality well. Clubs from Germany never give up even when times are toughest.

Great attention will be focused on Jadon Sancho, whose fate after the end of this season will remain unknown. The question is whether the leaders of United will sell the young Englishman or give him another chance. Jadon Sancho will also have a say in his future, and if he does not want to return to the red part of Manchester, then the desire of the coach and the owners for his return will be in vain.

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