David Alaba finally decided: He will sign for Real Madrid

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David Alaba finally decided: He will sign for Real Madrid

A great financial move by the Royal Club Real Madrid provided capital signing for the summer. David Alaba arrives as a free agent from Bayern, which was confirmed last night by several influential football addresses in Europe.

It would be said that the Royal Club did an amazing job of bringing Alaba for free. Many clubs were interested in Alaba. Manchester City and Chelsea offered him more money, Liverpool has been asking since December, and PSG is just preparing a big offer that would be difficult to refuse.

Juventus and Barcelona dropped out of the race because they could not pay Alaba's high salary. The salary is the reason for Alaba's parting with Bayern. The Austrian asked the Bavarians for 12,000,000 euros a year net, which would cost them over 23,000,000 euros a year with taxes.

And he would be the highest-paid player in the club, ahead of Neuer, Lewandowski, Sane ... Bayern did not accept and negotiations broke down in November. Since then, it has been clear that Alaba is leaving for free in the summer and has been waiting for January 1, when the Austrian could legally negotiate with other clubs without Bayern's permission.

Some clubs, such as Chelsea, have started to put pressure on Alaba and his representative Pini Zahavi without waiting for the legal deadline.


Real Madrid did not want to. They wanted everything to be according to the regulations so as not to damage good relations with Bayern.

The Madridians already had a ready offer and in a few days, they finished everything. They knew how big the name of their club is and what it meant to the players when Real Madrid called them. Alaba agreed to a salary of 11,000,000 euros, which is less than what he asked of Bayern.

At the gross level, Real will cost a little more than 21,000,000 euros a year, or about 85,000,000 euros over the four years that the contract will last. Which is again more than a worthwhile business. Alternatives like Pau Torres (Villarreal) or Kunde and Carlos (both Sevilla) would cost around € 50,000,000 in compensation alone.

Plus contracts ... The secret is how much money Alaba got 'on hand', that is, how much Real paid him for the signing bonus, but it is known that he asked Bayern for around 20,000,000. This will probably never be known because the clubs for these situations have black funds and tax havens through which they pay players or their agents, parents, advisors millions in signing bonuses.

We don't even believe that Real is different ... Either way, the Austrian got almost what he was looking for at Bayern. Real gave him what Bayern did not want, and Barca, Liverpool, and Juve could not. City, Chelsea, and PSG did not consider it because he believes that he cannot win the Champions League with them. It must be admitted that Real surprised everyone with Alaba's contract, but also that they had a good reason.