Douglas Costa will have to look for a new club

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Douglas Costa will have to look for a new club

Douglas Costa returned to the team of Bayern Munich at the end of the previous transfer window. The Bavarians were left without Ivan Perišić and they needed a replacement, so the choice fell on the former player who was left without a place at Juventus.

Only 604 minutes spent on the field later, parting with the German champion became inevitable. The 30-year-old Brazilian first arrived at the "Allianz Arena" in the summer of 2015, and the Bavarians paid him 30,000,000 euros to Shakhtar at the time.

Three seasons later, he went to Juventus, and the team from Munich earned 10,000,000 euros more than they spent on his services. With the arrival of Andrea Pirlo, he was benched in Turin, so he returned to Germany on loan, but it is now clear that the Germans will not buy him back.

Costa had only 9 appearances

Since returning to Bavaria, he has made nine appearances in the Bundesliga (one goal and one assist), six in the Champions League (two assists), and two in the Cup just as 17-year-old Jamal Musiala.

Hans Dieter Flick did not even take him to the match with Kiel in the Cup, although he had nine places on the bench, and the statement of the German expert after the game clearly indicates that Costa is not counted too much at the club.

"We have a lot of healthy and top players. We have to make a choice, it's good that it's like that," is Flick's statement, which does not inspire hope that the Brazilian could get more minutes later in the season.

Gazeta Delo Sport also reports that the Bavarians have decided not to buy his contract from the Old Lady, and there is even a possibility that the two sides will part in January. The problem, however, is that there is no place for a right-wing in Turin either, but also the fact that the Brazilian earns 6,000,000 euros a year.

There is some interest from the Premier League (Wolverhampton and Manchester United were once interested), as well as from the Spanish Primera, where the Bianconeri could send him on a new loan, but the question is whether anyone is willing to pay Costa 3,000,000 euros by end of the season.

The experienced Brazilian football player has the opportunity to wear the jersey of the third club this season, although that was not the case in previous years. FIFA has recommended that this rule be changed for the current season (due to problems caused by coronavirus pandemics) so that players can play in official matches for as many as three clubs.