Liverpool vs Man Utd (0:0): United almost scored in the end

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Liverpool vs Man Utd (0:0): United almost scored in the end

Only when it comes to the biggest derbies in European football we can see the catastrophic impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the football games. We wouldn't want to be too rough, but tonight's match between Liverpool and Manchester United did not look like the biggest English derby in history, but like an average Premier League game.

There was no noise from the stands of Anfield, which raises the adrenaline among the players to the maximum at the start of the match, and with it, passion and energy were missing, as well as the recognizable war on the field.

After all that has been seen, Liverpool was the team that attacked the entire game, but it is United who will regret the victory because the team of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was the one who created and missed 100% chances - 0: 0.


Until the 75th minute, the Red Devils had only one great attempt by Bruno Fernandes in the 34th minute, when the Portuguese's free-kick went half a meter from the left goalpost of Alison Becker. The rest of the time, the Red Devils mostly concentrated on the defense of their goal, and then they had space to respond to the counterattack.

In the mentioned 75th minute, Bruno Fernandes was the one who failed to beat Alison from literally five meters away, while in the 83rd minute, the Brazilian goalkeeper stopped Paul Pogba's attempt in a great way. Liverpool had 66 percent of the ball in their legs and several solid attempts, but it was as if Jurgen Klopp never allowed his team to take too much risk.

Roberto Firmino wasn't good enough, Mohamed Salah was always one step behind his guards, while Sadio Mane did not find enough free space to be a danger for David de Gea from the background. The home team had a good chance between the two great opportunities for United at the end of the match, but then De Gea managed to save the attempt of Thiago Alcantara.

The two coaches seemed to be pleased with the result. Manchester United remained in the leading position and won a point, they even had the opportunity to win, so it can be said that Solskjaer did a good job tactically. On the other hand, Jurgen Klopp is aware that his team still has enough time to get into the fight for the top and that the Red Devils will not have enough strength to keep the first position on the table.

The two teams will have the opportunity to compete at Old Trafford in the FA Cup next weekend. The Reds will meet Burnley in the next round, and then they will be on Tottenham's feet in the Premier League. United is expecting a visit to the unpredictable Fulham, followed by a match with Sheffield in Manchester.