Real Madrid wants to make money by selling their players

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Real Madrid wants to make money by selling their players

At Real, they seem to be slowly coming to terms with the fact that they can't do anything to Gareth Bale, that the Welshman will take their money for another two years and in the end very likely take his 30 million euros For that reason, Florentino Perez and Zinedine Zidane are making calculations of how much they could earn from the sale of younger players, in fact, Real's children.

Madrid has always been one of the clubs that profit the most from the sale of its "semi-finished products", and it seems that in the era of this new economic crisis caused by the coronavirus, they could raise this business segment to an even higher level.

After the sale of Ashraf Hakimi (which many consider a mistake) and Xavi Sanchez for a total of 43,000,000 euros (with the possibility that this amount will increase even more), there are four more players at the exit door of Valdebebas - Mariano Diaz, Sergio Reguilon, Borja Mayoral, and Oscar Rodriguez.

Concluding with what has already entered the coffers (from Hakimi and Sanchez), Real expects at least 100,000,000 euros from their youth this summer. Even if the agreement on the transfer of James Rodriguez falls ... Madrid has earned the most by selling their kids so far in 2017.

Morata, Mariano, Diego Llorente, Burugui, and Alvaro were sold for a total of 98,000,000 euros. That amount will now, for sure, be surpassed, and in the event that Real hosts James, it will be a summer of record revenues in the entire history of the Royal Club.

As a reminder, the Spanish giant collected the most from the sale of players in 2018, in the year when Cristiano Ronaldo went to Juventus ...

Mayoral and Rodriguez

The first person who could leave the Santiago Bernabeu these days is Borja Mayoral.

According to AS Real, he expects 15,000,000 euros from him. And in the game are Valencia, Lazio, and Villarreal. According to the same source, between Mariano Diaz and Luka Jović, Zidane chose a Serb and he remains in the competition.

For now. There is no shortage of offers for Diaz, but the aggravating circumstance for most clubs is his high salary - as much as 4,200,000 euros. Real paid Lyon over 20,000,000 euros for the return of this guy. It will be difficult to extract that money now, its market value has dropped to only 13,000,000.

At one point, Oscar Rodriguez was very close to signing for Villarreal, there was even talk of figures - 20,000,000 euros, but Zidane asked the club for Rodriguez to have a special arrangement and for Madrid to keep half of the rights to the player.

AS estimates that the real profit from it is around ten million ... The sale of Sergio Regulion, a young left-back who played well in Sevilla on loan, would bring the most money to Real. Bearing in mind that Marcelo and Ferlan Mandy are acting on his side, the young Spaniard would not have played, so the departure is quite certain.

Its price is around 25,000,000 euros. There is no lack of interested parties, but Zizou would like to keep a certain right to this guy as well. Such an arrangement, however, would most likely not be possible with Paris Saint-Germain, who is one of the interested parties and who would have no problem paying the full market price.