Finally revealed: Everton signed James Rodriguez for free

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Finally revealed: Everton signed James Rodriguez for free

Real went crazy for James Rodriguez from Monaco in the summer of 2014 after the brilliant games of the Colombian at the World Cup in Brazil. Florentino Perez did not regret the money to bring him in the style of the earlier Galacticos, and he paid Monaco 80,000,000 euros for the transfer of Rodriguez.

Six years later, the Colombian left Madrid and moved to Everton for ZERO euros. Yes, you read that right. Although the Colombian had another year of the contract, Real let him play for free this summer at Goodison Park. It was a strictly kept secret that Real did not want to share with the public.

Moreover, probably under the influence of the club, the Madrid media insisted that Everton paid 25,000,000 euros this summer in compensation for the offensive midfielder. And so the story was taken for granted because the details of the transfer were promoted by the most influential Spanish media.

Shortly after the transfer, the specialized website Transfermarkt launched an exclusive that Real did not receive a single euro in compensation. The Madrid media sharply denied that still sticking to the story about 25,000,000 euros.

Finally, tonight Everton's sporting director Marcel Brands revealed the real truth. He confirmed that the English club did not pay a single euro for signing Rodriguez and that Real only gets a percentage of the next sale.

Why did Real hide the real information?

Most likely because of the image. It was a shame for such a big club to admit that it let a player who paid 80,000,000 euros for free. Realistically, this is a bad business move. But James' value was high in recent years and there were no clubs willing to pay compensation.

In the end, it was only important for Real to get rid of his high salary, which would cost them around 15,000,000 euros gross this season. Everton got a cheap and risky signing, but it turned out that the risk paid off for them.

Everton is playing the best season in the last twenty years, and Rodriguez is mostly standard and plays well. In 12 matches in the Premier League, he scored three goals and assists. Carlo Ancelotti found him a motivation. He obviously knows how to get the best out of him, because Rodriguez played the best games at Real with the famous Italian.

By the way, Rodriguez agreed to a salary twice lower in England than the one he had in Spain. At Real, they probably don't want to remember the Colombian. When the two-year loan to Bayern worth 13,000,000 euros was taken away, during which the Bavarians paid half of his salary, the Colombian cost Real over 125,000,000 euros with compensation and gross salary. He went for free ...