Atletico Madrid dominant in Spain again!

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Atletico Madrid dominant in Spain again!

Atletico Madrid is a team that has special powers. They know how to seduce you, to drag you into a deep dark forest where you no longer know what you want, what you can do, what you agreed on before the game. Sevilla had the pleasure of experiencing that tonight.

Even the team of Julen Lopetegui did not manage to get out of the labyrinth with the signature of Cholo Simeone - 2: 0 (1: 0). Atletico Madrid dominate the Primera! Atletico introduced the game to its rhythm from the very beginning, calmed the awkward Sevilla, which failed to organize the sharp attacks for which they are known.

However, the guests had a good opportunity in the 3rd minute when Rakitic did not catch the ball well after the break and Oblak managed to defend. There was snow in Madrid, but it was not on the field. It was a minus, and all that additionally helped Atletico to kill the game and bring it to a beat that pleases their ears.

And the confirmation of all this came very early, in the 17th minute. Trippier gave the ball to Angel Correa, who does not shine at all, but now he has returned Simeone in the right way and repaid his trust. He settled inside the penalty area, kicked through the legs of his guard, and in that way, Atletico took the lead.

Defensive style

And when Atletico leads… They won all the games this season when they scored the first goal. There is hardly a better team in Spain, maybe even Europe, which kills the game better when they take the lead, and the team of Cholo Simeone demonstrated that in a cruel way against Sevilla.

They gave the ball to Sevilla, they attacked, they had corners, and Atletico was just waiting for the right moment. It happened in the 76th minute. Trippier was brilliant again. He sent the ball to Llorente, Llorente to Saul, and… Checkmate!

Sevilla had several good chances, but Atletico would always somehow get through and in the end, the match ended intact. And the guests had two great opportunities at the very end of the game, like when Rakitic hit the post.

The fact that they are first on the table with 41 points with four more than Real Madrid, despite the fact that they have two games less than the Royal Club, also shows how well they are playing this season! The recipe is simple - you score a goal and then - defense! Only, of course, few clubs know it as well as Atletico.