Mourinho is satisfied with Dele Alli's performance

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Mourinho is satisfied with Dele Alli's performance

Five goals were scored by Tottenham Spurs against FC Marine, the English eight-league team. Jose Mourinho performed a pretty strong line-up from the start, even Gareth Bale and Hyung-Min Son were on the bench, and the show was stolen by triple scorer Carlos Vinicius and young Alfie Devine, from today officially the youngest scorer in the history of Tottenham Before the match, the Portuguese expert promised to show respect for the lower league with a strong team, he fulfilled it and points out that he is satisfied with the approach of his players.

"I am happy. The boys were professional and did not stop until the game was over. The attitude was positive and that means a lot to me, but also to the competition itself, as well as to the guys from Marine, who felt we were serious," the Portuguese said One of the key topics after the game was Dele Alli, who is in the background this season and even wrote about his departure from the club.

Today, he was in the first team, he assisted on Vinicius' first goal and participated in the remaining two. The impression is that the relations between Mourinho and the English national team player are improving, the Portuguese pointed out that he is very satisfied with Alli's performance and that it would not be a miracle for him to be on the field again on Wednesday when Spurs are waiting for a duel with Aston Villa (21.15).

"I really liked his game. I think he and Fernandes were responsible for the events on the field from the 10th to the 75th minute. They created everything, they moved great, they created problems and goals for the opponent."

"So I am very happy. It is clear that he was careful because like all creative players, he was afraid of a bad field and maybe a careless start. But I am very happy because of his very professional approach and good performance.

It will not be a surprise if he plays on Wednesday," said Jose. Mourinho.

Alfie Devine

Alfie Devine became the youngest senior and the youngest scorer in the history of Tottenham. "He has good potential. He was lucky that he prepared with us because we lacked a player, so he played a couple of friendly matches.

That brought him closer to the first team." "He is not a stranger to us, he also worked in the academy, where he played for many teams. He trains with us from time to time and all that is a very nice process for him.

He has experience from younger categories as well as the national team, so he goes step by step." "He is practically a midfielder, but with an instinct to appear in the final zones and to score goals. We like him very much and it is clear that this was a special day for him "

He also commented on the excellent release of Carlos Vinicius, a Brazilian who arrived on loan from Benfica and is currently doing a good job as the first alternative for Harry Kane. "I am glad for him. For a player who does not play often because there is a great player in front of him, every opportunity to play is important and we are very happy that he is with us," Mourinho said.