Erik ten Hag is confident that he will be the coach of Manchester United next season

Ten Hag expressed frustration over dropping five points in five days

by Sead Dedovic
Erik ten Hag is confident that he will be the coach of Manchester United next season
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Erik ten Hag cannot be happy with his team's performance, considering Manchester United is in 6th place, with little chance of securing Champions League qualification for the next season. The English team almost lost their chances for the 4th place, which leads to the Champions League, after a 4-3 defeat to Chelsea. However, starting from the next season, the English teams will likely have a 5th representative, depending on the league coefficient at the end of the season. Nevertheless, it is expected that the English, along with the Italians, will have this 5th representative. Even with such an outcome, the Red Devils have a tough task ahead.

Erik ten Hag spoke about his future with the English team in an interview with British media. The Dutchman has no doubt that he will remain the manager of this team in the future, aware that this is a long-term project. Erik ten Hag emphasized that he is happy to be part of a team like Manchester United. The experienced manager knew that by joining this club, he would have a tough task, but he has no intention of giving up easily. He believes that the club is heading in the right direction.

“I don't have any doubts. I'm just focusing on my job, focusing on this process, in this project. I really love to be here, I'm enjoying it. For me it's a challenge. It will not go always in the right way, it's not going always the results in the way we wanted but I'm sure we're in the right direction and we will get where we want to be.”- Erik ten Hag said, as quoted by EUROSPORT!

Erik ten Hag analyzed the loss against Chelsea, admitting that while the team initially showed dominance, they failed to maintain control throughout the game. Despite taking a lead with some impressive football and goals, they struggled to manage the match effectively, particularly in the crucial moments of stoppage time.

He stressed the importance of players understanding their roles and making correct decisions, especially when in winning positions. Ten Hag emphasized the need for better decision-making regarding possession retention, passing, and movement, or changing the play when ahead. 

Erik ten Hag
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The fact is that many United players lack the right mindset, especially considering the recent trend of conceding goals in the final minutes. It has been demonstrated that even when leading by two goals, victory is not guaranteed. This was particularly evident in their Champions League performances. This club requires important changes. Primarily, they need players who can handle pressure, who understand the meaning of playing for such a prestigious club, and who are willing to give their all. This sentiment is shared by most fans of the club, as well as English football in general.

The coach pointed out that individual errors cost them dearly, emphasizing the importance of learning from these mistakes. As players representing Manchester United, they should be good at handling such situations. Dropping points in consecutive matches is considered unacceptable, particularly when they had opportunities to secure victories. United had the lead until the 98th minute, and it seemed like the matter was settled. Fans were already contentedly observing the situation on the table, hoping that United had a chance for at least 5th place

Ten Hag expressed frustration over dropping five points in five days, considering it unacceptable for a team aspiring to compete for Champions League football.

He accepted uncertainty about their position in the top four and highlighted the increased value of points. Ten Hag expressed disappointment over the team's performance, particularly in giving away a game they should have won.

The Manchester United crisis that has been going on since 2013

As we've mentioned before, Manchester United faces a hard task of finishing in the top 4 and securing Champions League competition for the next season. A club with such a rich history and tradition must strive to compete in the Champions League. There was a time when that seemed unimaginable. 

United experienced its glory days under the leadership of Sir Alex Ferguson. However, since his departure in 2013, things have changed rapidly. United has become a club that primarily competes for the top 4 and often ends its European campaigns in the group stage or the next round.

Fans hope season after season for changes, but the team still hasn't progressed as expected. Many things need to change. Primarily, it's crucial to part ways with several players who are surplus to requirements and do not contribute to the team's goals.

Fans increasingly hope that Erik ten Hag might leave the club, hoping that United can find the right coach who can transform them into a team that can truly compete with the best on the big stage.

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