Antonio Conte: "We have a team that is ready for great achievements"

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Antonio Conte: "We have a team that is ready for great achievements"

For the second game in a row, Inter lost points in Serie A, out of a possible six, only one was won. In today's derby with Roma, Ashraf Hakimi shone, who reached the number of six goals of the season with a beautiful goal and equalized the performance of Douglas Maicon as the most efficient defender of Neroazuro since the 2009/10 season.

Coach Antonio Conte pulled the Moroccan out of the game in the 82nd minute and threw in Aleksandar Kolarov, and four minutes later Roma scored for a point. At the conference after the match, Italian journalists were just reviewing Conte's decisions during the rotation of players.

"Vidal got injured and Galliardini replaced him, Lautaro gave a great contribution to the team in the 75th minute on the field and imposed certain tasks on him in defense, and Haki ran so much that at one point he started losing balls more often."

We played three games in a week, they were constantly on the field and I took advantage of the changes that were available to me. Vidal played a very good game, which started a bit slower, but as time went on, he increased the intensity."

"We have a team that is ready for great achievements, I don't see why we wouldn't use a larger number of football players ", the head of the professional staff of the Milan team explained in detail.

Anotonio Conte on his defense

The members of the seventh force in the Apennines were also interested in whether the Inter players were somewhere more focused on defense at the end of the game "I think there was a dose of nervousness to achieve a positive result.

I told the players to keep pressing because it is not good to be too close to your goal. Roma had nothing to lose, they continued to press and that is a normal thing." "We often concede goals because we stand too high and leave a huge space behind.

We have allowed too many goals from the counterattack this season. On the other hand, it helps us to be more dangerous in attack, but it makes us more vulnerable if a mistake is made." "Don't forget that we needed strength and energy - for the last couple of games I kept repeating the same 11 players in the old way and it's normal to run out of energy in the end.

" Italian expert closed the possibility that Inter will strengthen their squad during the winter transfer window. "The verb to wish does not exist this season. In August, I was informed about the club's strategy, we brought Hakimi and after that, there were no more signings.

The strategy is clear. I don't want new players, I work with players who are already there, we have strengths and weaknesses, but that's us." "Forget Inter from the previous transfer window, that is what I was told when I came ", concluded the Italian.