Erling Haaland: Potential we haven't seen before!

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Erling Haaland: Potential we haven't seen before!

Erling Haaland received the Golden Boy Award for 2020 for the best young player in Europe. And that is deserved. However, what Haaland is doing in the new season - or rather how he followed up on the past - will make him a serious candidate for all the awards given to the best in the world at the end of the year.

The injury is behind Norwegian, it didn't take him long to return to revolver mode and it's a real shame that he had to miss a few games, that is, that Robert Lewandowski advanced in the number of goals in that period.

Because if it wasn't, we would definitely have something like those crazy races of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in the Spanish Primera. Haaland is currently on 12 goals (Lewa has already collected 20) and he scored them from only 10 matches.

What is especially impressive is the fact that he has spent only 60 percent of his maximum time on the field since the start of the season ?! Until the appearance of Robert Lewandowski and later Erling Haaland, Gerd Muller's records seemed untouchable.

The situation is now completely reversed. And the question is not whether, but when Muller will be removed from the throne, at least in terms of the number of goals in one season.


The magic number is 40 (that is how much Gerd scored for Bayern in the 1971/72 season), and as we said, Lewa is already at 20 and has 19 more games at his disposal - more than half of the season.

Haaland was injured this season, but if he stays in Germany for another season, two, there is no doubt that he will also endanger Muller. However, the Norwegian is once ahead of everyone when we talk about the German championship.

No player has ever managed to score as many goals as Erling Halland in the first 25 games of the competition. Marek Mintal gave 21 (25) and Uwe Seeler gave 23 (25). Haaland - 25/25! All of Erling Haaland's numbers are amazing.

After two new goals in the derby against RB Leipzig, he scored a total of 35 goals in the Borussia jersey in 34 games. Many will dispute these figures under the insulted one: "it is easy to score goals in Germany", but you should also keep in mind that Borussia is neither Real nor Barça.

However, Haaland has somewhat less good teammates than the strikers of the Spanish greats ... Either way, the balance is as follows: For the younger categories of Norway: 53 games - 34 goals For the senior team of Norway: 7 games - 6 goals For Molde: 50 games - 20 goals For Salzburg: 27 games - 29 goals For Dortmund: 34 games - 35 goals