Roy Keane believes Liverpool are winning the EPL: Garry Neville still for Arsenal

As the Premier League season draws to a close, the race for the title is heating up, with Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester City emerging as the main favorites in a tight battle

by Sededin Dedovic
Roy Keane believes Liverpool are winning the EPL: Garry Neville still for Arsenal
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Former Manchester United captain Roy Keane believes Liverpool's attacking prowess could give them a significant advantage as they push for the Premier League title. After Sunday's results, which saw Liverpool beat Brighton while Manchester City and Arsenal played to a draw, Keane claims Liverpool are currently the early favorites to win the EPL.

According to Keane, Liverpool's recent form and their ability to secure key wins at critical moments shows their potential to maintain momentum in the title race. There are still a few games left and most analysts are currently analyzing who could win the title at the end.

"I think Liverpool, I'd have them favourites. Arsenal second favorites with their goal difference. Every time I watch Liverpool, we can look at one or two faults they might have, but they get so many chances every game, they're going to score lots of goals.

I've said Man City but what I've seen recently, I'm going to go with Liverpool," Keane told SkySports.

Mohamed Salah of Liverpool scores his teams second goal during the Premier League match between Liverpool FC and Brighton & Hove© Alex Livesey / Getty Images

On the other hand, Gary Neville, Keane's fellow pundit and former Manchester United team-mate, maintains his view that Arsenal will emerge victorious in the title race.

Neville believes Arsenal's consistent form before the international break and long winning streak position them as strong title contenders. "We knew before the international break who was in form. Arsenal were in the best form.

Liverpool were hanging on a little bit towards the end. Arsenal's performance levels were really high. What happens in the next week is critical because you're going to need good form going into that run-in." However, Neville does not underestimate Liverpool, and claims that a win at Old Trafford against Manchester United would be a huge boost for the Reds.

"I said Arsenal at the start of the season and I'm not going to shift now because I think all the teams are still in it. But if Liverpool win at Old Trafford they'll be in great shape mentally because you win a big game like that it has a massive impact on you.

But it's still a long way to go beyond that." While Neville remains optimistic about Arsenal's chances, he also recognizes Manchester City's potential to dominate the remaining games of the season. Neville claims City's superb squad and their ability to minimize mistakes could see them win all nine of their remaining matches, challenging Liverpool and Arsenal for the title.

However, he reiterated that he is firmly convinced that Arsenal is making a breakthrough this year and winning the title after many years. He claims the Gunners have improved their mental strength and that was all they needed last season to win the title.

Neville, watching Arsenal's game against City, saw that the team was now fully ripe to win the league. "I think they answered two big questions. One is on their mentality. Could they live in a big game against Manchester City? They folded here last year and they were all over the place, whereas today they withstood a lot of pressure and looked like a team that could go through a title challenge and have a lot more mental strength.

That's a big question answered, because it's difficult to come here," said Garry Neville for SkySports.

Erling Haaland of Manchester City is challenged by William Saliba of Arsenal during the Premier League match between Manchester © Justin Setterfield / Getty Images

Neville's analysis underscores the significance of defensive stability in the title race, suggesting that teams must demonstrate these qualities consistently to maintain their position at the top of the table.

"The other one is on the defensive side of things. Last year, it was suggested that without Saliba they were harmed, and that's been proven today. Saliba was immense, there's no doubt about that. So was Gabriel. But for me, the the work ethic of the two wide players and the two forwards was also incredible," concluded Neville.

As the season progresses, the battle for the Premier League title promises to intensify, with Liverpool, Arsenal, and Manchester City vying for supremacy in a fiercely competitive race. The current race to win the EPL is extremely tense and exciting.

At the top of the table are Liverpool with 67 points, second is Arsenal with 65 points and behind them is Manchester City with a point less. Surprisingly, Aston Villa is fourth with 59 points, but with a game more than the aforementioned three.

It is interesting that this year City is not the first favorite to win. The first favorite according to forecaster Opta is Liverpool, while in recent days more and more people believe in Arsenal, which is right behind Liverpool by a slight margin. They have a young and talented team that is improving with time and their coach, Mikel Arteta, is doing a great job.

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