Klopp about playing against Villla:"I have never had such a challenge in my life"

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Klopp about playing against Villla:"I have never had such a challenge in my life"

All sorts of miracles have happened in the history of football. It will definitely happen in the future as well. But for a team with an average age of less than 19 years - 18 years 294 days - to defeat the English champions is not real to happen.

And with such an "experienced" team, Aston Villa was forced to face Liverpool in the third round of the FA Cup. The coronavirus spread to Villa Park, ten first-team players and four members of the professional staff were positive, and the club from Birmingham sent a youngster, members of the reserve team, to the Red Reds.

As expected, they failed to win more than a convincing, but also an honorable defeat (4: 1). Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp admitted after the match that he had not been in this situation before in his career. "It was pretty weird.

I've never had a challenge like this in my life, that you have no idea who you're playing against. You have absolutely no idea. To prepare a game and then throw the whole preparation, all the videos in the bucket and start again.

Its football and players from the academy are very good. Last year we played against Vila with children who provided a good game, "the German reminded. Despite being an absolute outsider, the rejuvenated Aston Villa team resisted for a full hour.

Even at the end of the half, he managed to make up for the delay from the beginning of the match through 17-year-old Louie Barry, whom Klopp especially praised.

Klopp praised Barry

"The boys did really well. Little Jamie Wardy was a big threat.

All these kids know how to play football and if you don't play well against them then you have problems. The boys played well, the Fairy children played well, they were very organized. It was clear." "We scored an early goal, very nice, but then we didn't play fast enough and we didn't play in the right directions.

These are all football problems and we solved them in the second half. So I'm happy about that. In the second half, we played exactly like how we were supposed to play from the beginning and that's why we won. " The German expert left Jordan Henderson in the locker room during the break, replacing him with Thiago Alcantara, which made British journalists think that the Liverpool captain was injured again.

"No, no, we agreed before the game that Hendo and Thiago would play for 45 minutes each. There is absolutely no problem," Klopp assures.