Leonardo and the sheikhs decided: Neymar's signature is more important than Mbappe's!

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Leonardo and the sheikhs decided: Neymar's signature is more important than Mbappe's!

The arrival of Mauricio Pochettino at the helm of Paris Saint-Germain will change the club's plans for the transfer market in the coming period, but the essence remains the same - the club urgently wants to extend the contract of one of the two best players in the team - Neymar or Killian Mbappe.

The bombastic information echoed right from Madrid that the sports director Leonardo, at the urging of the owner from Qatar, cut and made the decision that all focus would be on extending the cooperation with Neymar, before Mbappe!

The news is surprising from the point of view that Mbappe is one of the best, if not the best French player at the moment, but it is the same and understandable since Neymar cleared up with him and decided to stay in Paris, while Mbappe has already refused several times over his MP to sit at the negotiating table and discuss a new contract since the story has long been circulating that he wants to go to Real Madrid and that this year could be a turning point for the realization of that job.

It has been written about in the Madrid media in recent days, Florentino Perez, despite all the saving measures introduced, intends to start aggressively picking up Mbappe's signature from the summer and thus continue assembling the Galacticosi 3.0 project, which he has been dreaming of since Cristiano Ronaldo's transfer to Juventus.

Neymar and Mbappe have contracts in PSG until June 2022, and as the circumstances in the club and the thoughts of the two best players have changed, so Leonardo decided that the priority is to chase a new contract with Neymar.


The Brazilian is also considered a far more profitable player than Mbappe at the moment, which also dictates the business strategy of the club, which intends to become a leader in all aspects. Interestingly, the CIES Football Observatory recently published data that Neymar's market value dropped to only 32,000,000 euros, but experts from that center explained that it was the result of a complicated formula that includes the duration of the remaining contract and the year assumed.

In reality, it is still above 222,000,000 euros, as much as PSG paid in the summer of 2017 and changed the football world forever. Mbappe is currently listed as the fifth most valuable football player on that list with 149,400,000 euros of market value.

And that amount will grow in the coming period, as Mbappe enters his best football years. The decision of the leaders of PSG to focus on the new contract with Neymar will serve as a signal rocket for Real Madrid and the intentions of Florentino Perez to really make a gift at the football market this summer and buy the Frenchman for big money. The same move of PSG was seen as a good starting point for Lionel Messi when he decides where to continue his career.