Inter Milan's Defensive Tactics Decoded: A Closer Look at Inzaghi's Strategy

Inter's electrifying style of play and strategic prowess under manager Inzaghi have propelled them to the forefront of Serie A

by Sededin Dedovic
Inter Milan's Defensive Tactics Decoded: A Closer Look at Inzaghi's Strategy
© Marco Luzzani / Getty Images

Inter's dynamic style of play was once again on full display during their match against Bologna last weekend. In the 37th minute, Alessandro Bastoni, who was on the left side of Inter's back three, supported the wing-back just outside the opponent's box.

The move was not unusual for Bastoni, who has consistently occupied such attacking positions and provided accurate crosses throughout the season. Carlos Augusto passed the ball back to Bastoni, who quickly sent in the first cross.

Yann Bisseck, deployed as Inter's right "terzo" for the game, made a perfectly timed charge to the back post and scored with a diving header. What made this goal even more remarkable was how routine it felt in Inter's play.

Bastoni's proactive involvement in attack and Bisseck's ability to find the net were indicative of Inter's philosophy under manager Inzaghi. Bisseck, who arrived from Aarhus last summer, has already shown his attacking prowess with a goal against Lecce earlier in the season.

Inter's style of play seems tailor-made for players like Bisseck, who has described himself as a "modern defender" who wants to contribute to the attack. Under Inzaghi's leadership, Inter's soccer transcends conventional definitions of modernity.

Inzaghi is already a proven coach, but it seems that his progress has reached its peak. His fluid and relaxed approach to formations allows players like Bastoni to venture forward with confidence, knowing their teammates will cover the space they leave behind.

No, this is not the "total soccer" that we have heard about many times, this is a new tactic that only Inzaghi knows the name of. In their Champions League encounter against Atletico Madrid, Stefano de Vrij's rush from the back almost resulted in a goal for Marcus Thuram, demonstrating Inter's willingness to push defenders forward to create goalscoring opportunities.

It was seen that Atletico did not know how to respond to such attacks, and the defenses in Serie A reluctantly await the match against Inter Milan.

FC Internazionale coach Simone Inzaghi embrace Alexis Sanchez of FC Internazionale following the Serie A TIM match between FC In© Marco Luzzani / Getty Images

The versatility of Inter's players is another outstanding aspect of Inzaghi's system.

This way of playing would not be possible without the right players, but that is also the merit of a great coach who got the most out of his players and got the right reinforcements. Inzaghi has the luxury of rotating players such as Denzel Dumfries and Matteo Darmian in the wing positions, providing a variety of tactical options without compromising defensive solidity.

Both players can play on both sides, which gives width in the course of the game, but also security for the defense. Inter may not have the biggest stars, but they have managers and players ready to give their all on the field, which is enough for success.

Inter's recent game against Bologna presented a significant challenge, with the hosts enjoying good form. Despite six changes in the starting lineup, Inter dominated the game and could have scored more goals in the first half.

Their ability to create goalscoring opportunities while maintaining defensive stability underlines their dominance in Serie A this season. Of course, there were more dominant seasons of the Inter team, but considering the current situation in the league and the incredible competition this season, Inter is playing the best game in the last few years.

As they close in on another Serie A title, Inter's focus remains on maintaining momentum. Inzaghi's insistence that the title is not yet secured is understandable, but with a 16-point lead at the top of the table and a record winning streak, it seems inevitable.

This shows how serious coach Inzaghi is and how he leaves nothing to chance. The prospects for winning the title are huge, and it will take a real miracle for someone to reach Inter Milan. Although their domestic success is all but assured, Inter's ambitions extend beyond Serie A.

With a slim lead in their Champions League tie against Atletico Madrid, they are aware of the challenges ahead. Atletico Madrid play a hard game and have a lot of experience in the Champions League. However, the Milan side's recent performances suggest that they are capable of competing with Europe's elite clubs, as Inter are themselves.

As midfielder Parolo noted, Inter can go toe-to-toe with any team, except perhaps Manchester City. Parolo has great respect for Guardiola and European champions Manchester City, but regardless of his claims, hardly anyone could predict that match.

Looking ahead, Inter's journey in domestic and European competitions promises excitement and challenges. With their fluid style of play and a team full of talent and experience, they are ready for another title of the Italian championship and, who knows, the Champions League.