Milan vs Juventus: An important victory for Juventus in the fight for first place

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Milan vs Juventus: An important victory for Juventus in the fight for first place

Andrea Pirlo is extremely pleased with the victory over Milan at home, as well as the way his team controlled the match at San Siro. Milan missed some players, but Juventus also missed Alex Sandro, Juan Quadrado, and Alvaro Morata.

However, the Old Lady still had many more players in the combination, which in the end was a key advantage in this match. "It was important to us, we were not interested in the results of the teams above us, because we were focused on our own progress.

We will see where we are in a few months," said Andrea Pirlo. Juventus was right in the key moments of the match. "The most important thing is the spirit of this team that wants to have control, especially against the leader on his field."

The move of the match was to put Federico Chiesa in a direct clash with Theo Hernandez. "The idea was to keep him under pressure and not let him continue to penetrate as freely as he usually does, especially when he had to deal with a player who is also good in one-on-one situations."

Bentancur was "hanging" another card in the air, so he had to be off the field, while Rabiot did a great job. "Rabiot came out with two games, so he was fresh and full of desire to start the match, he is a complete midfielder and I don't think he understands the potential he has.

Bentancur was tired and we saw him risk getting another yellow card. We reacted quickly and replaced him. "


In Juventus' camp, they complained after Milan's equalizing goal, considering that at the beginning of the action, Calhanoglu pushed Rabiot away.

"It was a foul that the referee was supposed to play. After that decision, Danilo had to be more aggressive, and also the whole team was not well placed. In any case, it all started with a foul." Dybala reacted fantastically to Chiesa's first goal.

"I am lucky to be able to choose players game by game, based on our situation and the characteristics of the opponent. We needed Dybala to return to the level of readiness because he is still not one hundred percent. There are still some minor problems and therefore he was not in the best edition of the whole season "

The legendary ace did not want to talk about the extension of cooperation with the Argentine. "No, that's not my role, I don't interfere in the players' contracts," Pirlo concluded.