Erling Haaland: future at Real Madrid!

The Manchester City champion is courted by the Spanish club, who could reunite the Norwegian with Kylian Mbappé

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Erling Haaland: future at Real Madrid!
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Erling Braut Haaland, Manchester City superstar, would be courted by Real Madrid, who hope to reunite the young Norwegian with the Frenchman Kylian Mbappé in the near future, for a dream trident completed by the Brazilian Vinicius Jr.

On the eve of the return match of the UEFA Champions League round of 16 (match and qualification then in favor of City), the young Norwegian was asked about his future at a press conference. "I know that what I'm about to say will become a huge headline, but in football you never know what can happen.

Write down that I said I'm happy here but eh! "

Erling Haaland© Shaun Botterill / Staff Getty Images Sport

Sky Sport on Haaland's words

Sky Sport tries to explain Haaland's words: "Because it's Haaland and because at the moment he entered the press together where he had never entered because he had never spoken in a conference since he was at City.

He is a boy with few filters who tends to always say many things, plus now he is at a level of mediumism such that it is clear that the question about his future would arise and that whatever he said would then become a headline for the English newspapers.

But let's tell how things are objectively. Haaland could have limited himself to to say here I'm happy and the newspapers would have written that he was happy, but having few filters he added but in football you never know what happens, because in reality he, like many players around the world, has the dream of playing for Real Madrid.

It's normal that he has the dream of playing for Real being the best striker in the world, but between the fact that he dreams of it and the fact that he will go to Real, there are many things in between. First of all he is really happy in Manchester, then that Guardiola has improved him as a player and Haaland is fine with him as long as Pep is here because he knows he can still improve in many things.

But then there is also an economic factor: in February 2023 he renewed his technical sponsor with a millionaire agreement and image rights in Spain are very different from England, they are taxed a lot. So moving there would mean losing a lot of money for him.

However, these are things that can be put into place if there is a powerful club involved, like Real Madrid, who wants you badly. At the moment, however, Real cannot afford it because Mbappé will arrive and having Mappe, Haaland and Bellingham in the same team seems like fantasy football.

At the moment therefore the discussion is absolutely postponed, in his head there is the dream of one day playing for Real also because he has seen the success that Bellingham has had there, who is his friend and teammate on the national team."

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