Ancelotti 'pursues' the symbol of Real Madrid: Nacho could leave Kings in the summer

According to The Athletic, Nacho began to show dissatisfaction, and relations with Ancelotti are quite strained

by Sededin Dedovic
Ancelotti 'pursues' the symbol of Real Madrid: Nacho could leave Kings in the summer
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Throughout his illustrious career, Nacho Fernandez stood as a stalwart figure at Real Madrid. A testament to loyalty and dedication, he embodies the spirit of the royal dressing room like no other. However, while the winds of change are rustling the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, Nacho is at a crossroads, fighting for his place in the team, he decided to finally say goodbye to the club that was his home.

Under Carlo Ancelotti, cracks are beginning to surface within the once united dressing room. Discontent simmers among the ranks, fueled by complaints ranging from playing time to unforeseen tactical changes. It seems that Carlo Ancelotti is losing some strings in the Real Madrid dressing room as there is an increasing number of dissatisfied players due to the status in the team, but also due to unplanned changes.

The Spanish media is full of speculation, the journalists are simply staying in the Real Madrid camp, which made Nacho to think about his future. What is most interesting is that Real Madrid is playing really well in the Spanish League and they are first in the table after a somewhat bad start to the season.

They are currently the leaders and have collected 66 points from 27 games, 7 more than the second-placed Girona, which is the most pleasant surprise of this year's competition. In the Champions League, they defeated the German representative Leipzig 0-1 away from home, and now the kings are waiting for a meeting at their Santiago Bernabé to ensure passage to the next round of the competition.

Regardless of all this, judging by Spanish newspapers, dissatisfaction is high in the club. Nacho contributed a lot to the success of his team and this season he played much more often than last, which further complicates his decision to leave the team.

During this season, he had a couple of really good performances where he was the decisive player of the match.

Nacho Fernandez of Real Madrid shows the Spanish Super Cup trophy to the fans© Florencia Tan Jun / Getty Images

Nacho's journey with Real Madrid spans his entire professional career.

From the early days of the youth selection to his rise to the senior team in 2012, he is one of the symbols of loyalty rarely seen in modern soccer which is based on money and finance. Nacho has always operated in the shadows, a silent guardian called upon to carry out his duties with unwavering skill whenever called upon.

During his career, he struggled for a place in the first team because Real always had many stars. However, recent events have shown us that not everything is a fairy tale and that strange things happen behind the curtain. Reports from The Athletic cite a rift in Nacho's relationship with Ancelotti, citing dissatisfaction with the coach's tactical decisions and a perceived lack of confidence in his abilities.

We already said that Nacho played most of the games, however, he remained on the bench in the last game against Valencia, and it seems that Nacho did not like that. The Spaniard's frustration is growing because he found himself on the bench, but this might just be a reason for him to leave the club and justify his departure to the fans.

According to the Spanish media, Nacho is at a crossroads, and his future hangs in the balance. Unlike his colleagues who enjoy the security of long-term contracts, Nacho's tenure at Real Madrid remains shrouded in uncertainty.

The one-year extension does not give him hope that he will be part of Ancelotti's project in the future, and he was probably contacted by some teams. In a weaker team in the Spanish League, he would surely be the leader and main player of the team, while unfortunately in Real Madrid he was forever in the shadow of the super stars.

Financial reasons, although a constant concern for most, never clouded Nacho's desire to play soccer. Despite earning a fraction of the wages of his peers and later colleagues in the first team, his commitment remained unwavering, a testament to his love for the Royals team he practically grew up with.

Probably extending the contract for another two years would make Nacho reconsider. The Spanish media should often be taken with a grain of salt when it comes to Real Madrid because they are aware that the club attracts a lot of attention and readers.

If he leaves Real Madrid, the club itself will lose a real soldier, a guardian of values that we can hardly see in today's soccer. In the sea of players who are thinking about what kind of hairstyle they are going to make or publish a post on Instagram, Nacho is something that we can no longer see in big clubs.

While negotiations are taking place behind closed doors, the fate of Nacho Fernandez will probably be known by the summer.

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