Jose Mourinho believes that the time has finally come for Tottenham to win the trophy

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Jose Mourinho believes that the time has finally come for Tottenham to win the trophy

For more than a decade, the White Hart Lane trophy cabin has remained unchanged. More precisely, since 2008, when Tottenham won their last trophy in the League Cup, this season the Spurs will not have a better opportunity to break their 13-year break than the one provided by the mentioned competition.

Therefore, before the semifinal match with Brentford (20.45), Tottenham coach Jose Mourinho emphasizes the importance of the match with the neighboring second league, which he admits is his most important in Tottenham since the club took over in mid-November 2019.

"In the perspective of a club that has been chasing a trophy for many years, I would say so. After more than a decade without a trophy, every competition becomes more important and if we win the next two matches, we win a trophy."

"Of course, we always have important matches. Last weekend we had a match against Crystal Palace that secured us a place in the Europa League." "The match against Leeds was very important as we were a few matches without a win in the Premier League.

But I would say that the semi-finals are always a very important match." the Portuguese expert said The penultimate obstacle to the trophy is Brentford, which this season, with their games and results in the Championship, suggests that they could join the elite society of English football next year.

The bees on paper wandered into the semifinals in the competition of Tottenham and Manchester giants, one of which will play in the final, but they deserved it because they eliminated four premier leagues on the way to the best four teams - Southampton, West Bromwich Albion, Fulham, and Newcastle, securing the first League Cup semifinal in its history.

Mourinho on their opponent

"We are facing very difficult opponents, but we need two victories and we need to look at the semifinals with ambition and respect a very, very good team that knocked out several good teams from the Premier League from the competition," warns Mourinho.

However, it is only now, it would be said, that Brentford finally came across a large beast, which will almost certainly be asked about everything on the field tonight. If Jose Mourinho decides to start the match with the best tandem of the Premier League Harry Kane - Heung Min Son, which will most likely be the case, the visiting team should be careful The Englishman and the Korean have already set 13 goals for each other, which is a historic stat in one season of the Premier League, Son reached the 100 goals in Tottenham jersey, and Kane is the only player in the top five to have double-digit goals and assists this season.

The example of Leeds United has confirmed that teams that are too open against Tottenham are not doing well and that is why we should usually watch the visiting ten in the field pulled behind the ball.