Mauricio Pochettino: I don't feel the love from the fans. We won't ask for it

"I am going to continue to work and try to change this situation and change."

by Sead Dedovic
Mauricio Pochettino: I don't feel the love from the fans. We won't ask for it
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Mauricio Pochettino cannot be happy with his team's performance this season. Chelsea is far from its best form, and many are concerned about the future of the club. The Argentine coach repeats the same things in every press conference, and it seems like we already know what he will say next. 

The fact is that he needs time to make the necessary changes for Chelsea to compete at the top. Chelsea fans are upset and don't want to see Pochettino on the sidelines of the London team, as well as the owner of this team, Todd Boehly. 

Despite everything, Pochettino is not particularly worried, considering he has tremendous confidence in his team. 

The Argentine coach has admitted that he doesn't feel the love from Chelsea fans, but he believes it takes some time to gain their trust. 

For him, the most important thing is to continue working hard and help the team achieve its goals. Chelsea has been a team at the top of the Premier League for years. The last two seasons have been disappointing for this team.

"No, I am not worried. We need to accept. I told you, I think someone asked me do you feel the love from the fans? No. We need to build our relationship between the coaching staff, the coach and the fans.
You build relationships by winning games. But at the moment, the expectation, we cannot match the expectation. We are not going to ask for love. I don't ask for nothing.
I am going to continue to work and try to change this situation and change, winning games, we now have one week before Newcastle.
"- Pochettino said, as quoted by

Pochettino emphasizes that he is giving his maximum to help the team, but it seems that it is not enough. The draw against Brentford does not provide optimism for better days ahead. Fans of this team are already mentioning some new names that could potentially replace the former Tottenham coach. The Argentine coach has admitted that he strives to experiment and try to adapt the team to the opponents they play against. However, if the team lacks quality, sometimes even adaptation may not make much of a difference.

"We need to manage the reality. We are working really, really hard to try and win games. The team is fighting.
I think in six days, we played 120 minutes on Sunday, Wednesday was another tough game, then some decisions because of injuries or some circumstances.
We tried to find different ways to play. But if that doesn't work and the fans are disappointed with that, I need to respect their opinions."

Pochettino is saying that even though it's getting harder for Chelsea to qualify for Europe next season, he won't give up. He understands the frustration of the fans but is determined to provide the team with what they need to improve and win games. 

Despite the challenges, especially on his 52nd birthday, he's ready to keep fighting and get ready for the next game. Pochettino is showing resilience and commitment even in difficult times.

Chelsea and Europe: Can Chelsea secure Europe next season?

In the Premier League, it is difficult for Chelsea to secure a place leading to Europe, but, certainly, they will not give up on their intentions. There are still 11 rounds left, and a lot can change. 

Mauricio Pochettino
Mauricio Pochettino© Alex Pantling/Getty Images Sport

Additionally, Chelsea has the FA Cup through which they could also qualify for Europe. However, the fact that teams like Liverpool and Manchester City are competing in this tournament does not instill optimism among Chelsea fans. 

Fans of the London team have nothing else but to hope that things can change rapidly in a short period. 

It seems like the fans have already written off this season and are hopeful that the summer could bring many changes. Crucial are new reinforcements and the departure of players who are not up to the standard for a club like Chelsea. 

It will be necessary to invest a huge amount of money again. We will see how willing Todd Boehly is to invest money this time. It is essential if he wants to see Chelsea at the top.

The Premier League has become more competitive than ever, and it is essential to invest money if you want to keep up with other teams and their progress. In the last few years, several teams have emerged as contenders for the top. Chelsea and their management are aware that they will have to spend a huge amount of money on new reinforcements. The summer of 2024 will be exciting and interesting. We can expect a lot of developments.

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