Paul Pogba banned for four years due to doping: I am sad, shocked and heartbroken

"I have today been informed of the Tribunale Nazionale Antidoping’s decision and believe that the verdict is incorrect."- Pogba said.

by Sead Dedovic
Paul Pogba banned for four years due to doping: I am sad, shocked and heartbroken
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Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba faces a four-year football ban for doping, ruled by Italy's national anti-doping tribunal.

Indeed, the French footballer tested positive for DHEA, a banned substance, in August of last year during a match between Juventus and Udinese. Despite all that unfolded, his B sample also returned positive, confirming Pogba's use of prohibited substances. This is disappointing news for the French footballer, who, it must be admitted, has not had much luck since the beginning of his career, particularly when it comes to injuries. 

Just when one would think Paul is returning to the field, a new injury would occur, and the cycle would repeat. This news has deeply saddened him, causing him to express his feelings on Instagram. The Juventus midfielder emphasized that he is sad, shocked, and heartbroken after receiving such information.

"I have today been informed of the Tribunale Nazionale Antidoping’s decision and believe that the verdict is incorrect.
I am sad, shocked and heartbroken that everything I have built in my professional playing career has been taken away from me."-
Pogba wrote.

Paul Pogba is firmly convinced of his innocence and believes he is not guilty in this case. As a professional athlete, he has never engaged in such methods nor had any intention of doing so. The former Manchester United player emphasized that he will appeal this before the Court of Arbitration for Sport. It's hard to assess whether Pogba will succeed in his efforts or not, but certainly, after this, one might say that his career is on the line. This is his only chance to salvage his career and convince everyone of his innocence.

"When I am free of legal restrictions the full story will become clear, but I have never knowingly or deliberately taken any supplements that violate anti-doping regulations.
As a professional athlete I would never do anything to enhance my performance by using banned substances and have never disrespected or cheated fellow athletes and supporters of any of the teams I have played for, or against.
As a consequence of the decision announced today I will appeal this before the Court of Arbitration for Sport."-
he concluded.

Pogba's agent, Rafaela Pimenta, also spoke out after everything, emphasizing that Pogba is not a player with the intention to violate certain rules.

After such news, there have been numerous reactions, and one of those who responded is Simon Jordan, the former Crystal Palace chairman. He believes this is disappointing news for Pogba, considering that it could also mean the end of his career. Jordan highlighted that Pogba was considered one of the best midfielders, and now his career has taken a shocking turn.

Simon Jordan
Simon Jordan© Julian Finney/Getty Images Sport

“Ultimately, no one wants to see him in this position. It probably spells the end of his career.

It’s a sad end to Pogba because he was revered as one of the best midfielders. He was criticised for his performances at Manchester United, he’s gone back to Italian football because that was his natural home and he’s got himself banned.

It’s not a good look for football either.”- Jordan said.

Paul Pogba's career

Let's remember: Paul Pogba began his career at Manchester United. Although, as a young player, he showed promise of becoming one of the best midfielders, at that time, he did not have a place at Manchester United. Sir Alex Ferguson couldn't give him a chance alongside Paul Scholes and Michael Carrick. 

The French footballer wanted to go to a club where he could get more playing time, and he chose Juventus. Pogba then showcased to the whole world what kind of player he was. He was considered the best young player in Europe at the time. 

Paul Pogba
Paul Pogba© Michael Regan/Getty Images Sport

Many clubs were interested in him. 

The French footballer even had an offer from Real Madrid, but he decided to return to where it all began: Manchester United! The Red Devils then paid a record amount for a player: 105 million euros!

Although the start was promising, injuries, which were an integral part of his career, followed him even in Manchester. Pogba couldn't string together several games without injury. The United executives decided to end the story with him, and Pogba returned to Juventus, hoping to revive his career again. 

However, the same story as in England. Paul's injuries were the reason he couldn't show his brilliance again. Such a situation is just another confirmation of how much bad luck the Frenchman truly has in his career.

Although some believe he is to blame for what happened, it is still early to conclude. We need to hear Paul Pogba's side of the story and see if his appeal will have an impact.

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