Real Madrid will go for Erling Haaland in 2022

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Real Madrid will go for Erling Haaland in 2022

Borussia Dortmund wants to keep Erling Halland until 2022, and this time it suits Real Madrid, writes As. Because even the Madridians do not want to rush with this transfer. Time is Real's ally in the attack on Halland this time.

Borussia is trying to do everything to keep him from going in the summer, and Real's idea is to attack him in 2022. "If Erling decides to leave us and go to a bigger club ... Many are not ready for that. If you choose a club like Real Madrid, for example, you have to be a world-class player," said Hans Joachim Watzke, director of Borussia Dortmund, in the conversation for German Kicker.

The idea of ​​Real Madrid is to make a soft and silky change from Karim Benzema to Erling Halland. That is why they will wait for the right moment, and in this Spanish giant, they believe that that moment is 2022. Until then, Erling will be only 22 years old.

The Royal Club imagined that it would have a slightly better relationship with Mino Raiola until then so that the targeted transfer could be finished more easily. Madrid's As points out that Real Marid is in the best position to bring in Halland.

Along with Kylian Mbappe, Halland is one of the two biggest projects for the next two years. Real will try everything to sign Mbappe. The third big item is the new Bernabeu. Before the end of 2020, Halland got injured, had a problem with the muscle of the backbox, and returned in the duel against Wolfsburg, in which Dortmund was better with 2: 0.

Transfer price

According to the calculations of the Football Observatory (CIES), Halland's value jumped by 35,300,000 euros in November. So, if it was worth 120,300,000 euros in October, then it was worth 155,600,000 euros.

Let us remind you that the Norwegian arrived at Signal Iduna Park for "only" 20,000,000 euros and that he has a dismissal clause in the contract with Borussia, which weighs 75,000,000 euros, but it is valid only from 2022.

That is why Real is aiming for next year. If they had bought him earlier, it would have been more expensive. Apparently, it suits everyone to wait: Borussia because they will have Halland at least this year, Halland because he will further improve his football skills, and Real Madrid because the transfer would cost much less.

However, the biggest winner is Real Madrid, who will need someone who can replace Benzema, and Halland is currently the best young striker and someone who will have a brilliant career ahead of him if there are no injuries.