Lampard: "I don't know what people at the top are thinking"

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Lampard: "I don't know what people at the top are thinking"

Chelsea barely escaped the catastrophe in the derby with Manchester City at home, but the goal that Calum Hudson Odoi scored in the second minute of added time does not change the fact that Manchester City reached the victory too easily and routinely.

This defeat was not easy for anyone in the club, especially because City finished the whole job in 15 minutes, and as the match ended, the first information appeared that Frank Lampard was about to be fired. Frank Lampard's bench was hot, and he explained in a statement after the game that he was not worried and that he was waiting for the next day in peace.

"I will not and cannot speak on behalf of the people above me. That's why I couldn't talk a month ago about whether I would get a new contract, just as I can't talk about whether I will be fired now. I don't know what the people at the top are thinking, "Lampard said.

"My job is to work, not to think about what they think because that would only hinder me in my work."

Lampard on their situation

The legendary Chelsea midfielder is aware that the situation is not good at all ...

"We are going through a difficult period. I know that because I played here for a very long time. I understand that the moment you lose a few games in a short time, everything falls into place, and questions are asked. Everyone looks at the situation in their own way and it comes down to how much money I spent.

I will always feel the pressure. It was like that for me while we were recording good results, and it is especially so now. " Lampard also spoke about the reasons for the defeat ... "When City added gas, my players did not react.

Lack of self-confidence is one of the causes of this. We realize that it is difficult, there is a certain level we want to be at, and we are not there. Any reconstruction of the team and bringing in new players requires a period when everyone suffers.

It also means defeats on the field, but also pain when the curtains are drawn. It strengthens the character. That's how a team is built. " If he continues with the same results, it is certain that he will not stay on the Chelsea bench for a long time, especially if we take into account the club's management policy, where a change of manager is often the case. The first candidate to take the helm of Chelsea is the former PSG coach Thomas Tuchel.