PSG wants to buy Moise Kean for 31 million euros

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PSG wants to buy Moise Kean for 31 million euros

Striker Moise Kean was expected to be a key player in Juventus. The Bianconeri sold him to Everton a bit unexpectedly a year and a half ago, but he did not manage at Goodison Park. He got a new chance last summer when he moved to Paris Saint-Germain on loan.

He seems to have made a good decision by going to Paris and showing that he is talented after all and that he needs to focus on the game. The Italian took advantage of frequent absences due to injuries of the main stars Neymar, Kylian Mbappe, Mauro Icardi, and delighted in the first months in the squad of the European vice-champions.

The Parisians want to keep Kean and have started negotiations with Everton about signing him. Sky Sport reports that the figure of 31,000,000 pounds is in the game, which is slightly less than 35,000,000 euros. The new coach of the French champion, Mauricio Pochettino, wants to have a young striker in his team after June, who has a contract with Everton until 2024.

The former Juventus player has scored nine goals this season in 16 games in the French championship and the Champions League.


If Everton agrees to this price, they would earn a little less than 5,000,000 euros, because they bought Kean from Juventus for about 30,000,000 in August 2019.

Playing for Everton the young Italian scored only four goals in 37 matches. Everton manager Carlo Ancelotti has Calvert Lewin and Richarlison at the top, who shine in this Premier League championship. The desire of every player is to play in a team with Neymar and Mbappe, who, along with Ronaldo and Messi, are perhaps the two best players.

It was this dream that came true for young Moise Kean. Kean said last month that he is thrilled to be able to play with Neymar and Mbappe. "They are the two biggest players in the world. I am very happy to play with them.

They are both real leaders. I can learn a lot from them," Kean said. Players like Mbappe and Neymar can help Kean become the best version. Kean showed that he can achieve a lot and that he has a lot of talent. We will see if he will be equally good or even better under Pochettino Let us remind you, at the end of last year, Paris Saint-Germain replaced the German expert Thomas Tuchel, and the Argentine expert Mauricio Pochettino arrived, who reached the 2019 Champions League final with Tottenham.