Are we witnessing a Man Utd revival? Jim Ratcliff announced an interesting project

Billionaire Jim Ratcliffe embarks on a mission to rejuvenate Manchester United, aiming to restore the club's lost glamor and success in the world of soccer

by Sededin Dedovic
Are we witnessing a Man Utd revival? Jim Ratcliff announced an interesting project
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In an attempt to rejuvenate Manchester United, billionaire Jim Ratcliffe has set his sights on restoring the club's lost glamor and success. Speaking from the heart of Ineos' west London headquarters, Ratcliffe, a loyal supporter of the club for more than six decades, outlined his vision to bring back the flair and excitement synonymous with the Red Devils.

He has been a big fan of Manchester United for many years, and has seen off almost all generations of the club's players over the last few decades. He is a man who knows the essence of the club and its spirit, which will help him in his further work.

The iconic setting, adorned with memorabilia from United's glorious past, serves as a poignant backdrop to Ratcliffe's ambitious plans. Citing legends like Eric Cantona and a rich history of attacking soccer, Ratcliffe stressed the need to return to the core values that defined Manchester United.

"We're in the entertainment business," Ratcliffe said, emphasizing the importance of the fun part of soccer that fans expect. He promised to favor an attractive style of play and nurture young talent, echoing the sentiments of past glories under Sir Alex Ferguson.

That attacking soccer on goal is more what the fans expect, and that was lost after the departure of the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson.

Manchester United Manager Sir Alex Ferguson lifts the Premier League trophy in 2013© Alex Livesey / Getty Images

However, Ratcliffe's optimism is tempered by a dose of realism.

Acknowledging the club's extended spell without a Premier League title, he warned against expecting immediate success. Ratcliffe drew parallels with Manchester City's gradual rise under Pep Guardiola, Ratcliffe stressed the importance of patience and continuity in achieving lasting greatness.

However, this story has been going on for more than ten years, and the fans are furious and impatient. At the heart of Ratcliffe's strategy is establishing a strong organizational structure and recruiting top talent across all aspects of the club.

He emphasized the need for a supportive environment that encourages risk-taking and embraces learning from mistakes – a philosophy he cultivated during his tenure at Ineos. He claims that United should be at the very top, and always the main candidate to win the Champions League.

"There has always been a bit of glamor attached to Manchester United, which has been lacking a bit in the last few years," he says. While remaining tight-lipped about the signing of specific players, Ratcliffe hinted at a coherent soccer philosophy that will guide the club's decisions.

Rejecting the notion of sudden tactical changes, he emphasized the importance of consistency and long-term planning in shaping Manchester United's identity on the pitch. At Ineos, he learned that everyone can make mistakes, but that person should learn from his mistakes.

"We have made mistakes in soccer so I'm really pleased that we made them before we arrived in Manchester United. If we hadn't, this would be a much tougher job for us. Because it is huge and it's very exposed," said the British billionaire.

In a departure from the Glazers' approach, Ratcliffe emphasized transparency and engagement with fans and the media. Despite his cordial relationship with the Glazer family, Ratcliffe has promised a hands-on approach to soccer operations, signaling a departure from the previous remote ownership model.

The situation in the club should be visible to everyone, especially the most loyal fans, not just the management. "They (Fans) are obviously very comfortable with us running the sports side of the club. We're obviously going to be on the ground, whereas the Glazer family are a fair way away.

I don't think we're going to be taking the legal agreements out of the bottom drawer."

Jim Ratcliffe, Managing director of Ineos, looks on prior to the Premier League match between Manchester United and Tottenham Ho© Catherine Ivill / Getty Images

Ratcliffe's appointment of Sir Dave Brailsford, renowned for his cycling success, to a key role at Old Trafford caused consternation at first, but in the end Brailsford is well-respected in the UK and fans were not displeased.

Past controversies aside, Ratcliffe highlighted Brailsford's record of excellence and his potential to contribute to Manchester United's revival. Addressing concerns about his tax arrangements, Ratcliffe defended his decision to reside in Monaco, highlighting his contribution to the UK tax system during his working years.

His willingness to deal with contentious issues reflects a pragmatic approach to tackling challenges head-on. Looking ahead, Ratcliffe floated the idea of government support for ambitious projects such as stadium renovations or a new state-of-the-art facility - a move aimed at rebalancing the geographical distribution of UK sports infrastructure.

"The people in the north pay their taxes like the people in the south pay their taxes. But where's the national stadium for soccer? It's in the south. Where's the national stadium for rugby? It's in the south. Where's the national stadium for tennis? It's in the south.

Ratcliff promised to change this with the help of his associates and business partners. The new era of Manchester United has begun, but we will see what will happen before the start of the new season.

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