Pep Guardiola will train longer

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Pep Guardiola will train longer

Pep Guardiola said to BBC. "Before, I thought I was going to retire soon. Now I am thinking that I will retire older. Experience helps you, especially in the way I live my profession " Pep won UEFA Champions League twice when he was leading Barcelona.

And now the renewal with Manchester City seems to have convinced him that after all, extending his career even when the years will be longer is not a bad idea. Before my arrival, those who knew her told me that everyone could lose to everyone, but I haven't seen this until now.

Now, for the first time, I see in the Premier League that a team is able to lose or win seven games and then draw and lose again. The results are unpredictable." So, Pep Guardiola will train longer. Over the course of his career Pep Guardiola has explained several times that he did not want to train for long and that he would then find something else to do.

Now, however, on the threshold of 50 years which he will celebrate on January 18, the Catalan has decided that after all he could remain on the bench for a while. Maybe he won't do like Mourinho, who has already said he wants to be there again when he is seventy, but there is certainly no goodbye to the bench anytime soon.

Lionel Messi will leave Barcelona

Lionel Messi is free to negotiate with any club to move to in July, when the star leaves Barcelona, ​​breaking free. The Argentine champion, after a complicated summer, can therefore begin to think about a future with a different shirt from the one to which his career is linked.

But where can Leo Messi end up? The buying club will be able to save on the cost of the card, since the player will free himself on a free transfer, but will have to bear the most expensive salary in world football: according to the Equipe, the salary is equal to 8.3 million gross per month, in a year they make almost 100 million.

For economic strength, PSG is the candidate with the most chance of closing the deal. In Paris Messi would meet his friend Neymar, who a few weeks ago said he wanted to have fun with him on the pitch again. Financially OK also Manchester City, with the advantage of playing in the English Premier League.

In the Citizens, however, the compatriot Aguero plays, a great friend of Messi who would return to be coached by Pep Guardiola