Pep Guardiola Admits Responsibility for Cole Palmer's Departure

“We knew the quality he has and the impact he has shown this season is enormous."

by Sead Dedovic
Pep Guardiola Admits Responsibility for Cole Palmer's Departure
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Cole Palmer is one of the standout individuals at Chelsea this season. The talented Englishman decided to leave Manchester City and continue his career with the London team. City fans believe that Guardiola made a big mistake by letting such a player go. The Spanish coach does not deny that he is the 'culprit' for Palmer's departure but emphasizes that, with competition from Foden, Mahrez, and Silva, it would have been challenging for Palmer to secure a spot in the team. Guardiola understands the decision of the young Englishman, considering his desire for more playing time.

“After two or three seasons he wanted more minutes than the last season. I understand completely,” Guardiola said, as reported by
“If Palmer had the minutes I gave to Phil [Foden] from the beginning, Cole Palmer would be here - but I didn't give them to him. That is my responsibility. Why? Because of Bernardo [Silva], Riyad [Mahrez], Phil. In that moment, I chose the other ones.”

Pep Guardiola emphasizes that everyone is well aware of Palmer's talent. Already in the early matches for Chelsea, Palmer has shown how important he is for the London team. The Spanish manager believes that Chelsea has acquired a fantastic addition, and indeed, they will have a bright future with him.

“We knew the quality he has and the impact he has shown this season is enormous. It is not just goals and assists, it is the quality. He is an incredible threat for Chelsea. In the future you will not forget. It looks easy, but it's not.”- he continued.

Guardiola is happy to see Palmer doing well at Chelsea, even though it's a rival team. He understands that young players often want more playing time after a couple of seasons, and in Palmer's case, Chelsea presented a great opportunity. Guardiola appreciates the offer from Chelsea and is genuinely pleased for Palmer, recognizing that these situations are common in football when players seek new opportunities for career growth.  

Chelsea isn't shining this season. It can be said that they are having a season similar to the previous one. Fans of this club are visibly dissatisfied with the poor transfer policy and decisions made by the club's leaders. The departure of Roman Abramovich has left a great impact on the London team. It seems that it will take some time for Chelsea to return to the paths of former glory.

Mauricio Pochettino on Cole Palmer's impact

Pochettino mentions Palmer is not someone who feels the need to prove himself, as he is grateful for his time at Manchester City. He left the club seeking a new challenge and more minutes. 

Now, at Pochettino's current club, the player is fortunate to have significant playing time. The focus is on playing and delivering strong performances for both personal growth and the benefit of the team. Pochettino highlights the player's gratitude for past experiences and emphasizes his commitment to contributing to the team's success.

Cole Palmer and Mauricio Pochettino
Cole Palmer and Mauricio Pochettino© Clive Rose / Getty Images Sport

City has been a dominant team in England for years, and it is necessary to be one of the best in a specific position to secure a place in the team. Palmer ran out of patience and didn't want to wait for his chance in this team. He realized that Chelsea was the right opportunity for him. The young Englishman made an excellent decision, as, since the beginning of the season, he is considered one of the key players of this team, and by many, the best. Unfortunately, his teammates are not in the best form.

The England U21 team player expressed excitement upon joining Chelsea about a new chapter in his career. The project that Chelsea's leaders presented to this young player sounded promising to him.

"I’m excited to get started and it feels great to sign. I’ve joined Chelsea because the project here sounds good and because of the platform I will have to try to showcase my talents. It is a young and hungry squad and, hopefully, we can do something special here."

Chelsea is known as a club that has always given opportunities to young players and nurtured their development. Their plan is for the young footballers in the team to adapt to the Premier League in the coming period and take a step forward from next year. It is challenging to expect much from a team filled with young, inexperienced players at this moment. Chelsea has an interesting project, but fans find it difficult to be patient. They are accustomed to seeing the London team at the top. The current situation is considerably different.

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