Lionel Messi can deal with another club!

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Lionel Messi can deal with another club!

Lionel Messi is free to negotiate with any club to move to in July, when the star leaves Barcelona, ​​breaking free. The Argentine champion, after a complicated summer, can therefore begin to think about a future with a different shirt from the one to which his career is linked.

But where can Leo Messi end up? The buying club will be able to save on the cost of the card, since the player will free himself on a free transfer, but will have to bear the most expensive salary in world football: according to the Equipe, the salary is equal to 8.3 million gross per month, in a year they make almost 100 million.

For economic strength, PSG is the candidate with the most chance of closing the deal. In Paris Messi would meet his friend Neymar, who a few weeks ago said he wanted to have fun with him on the pitch again. Financially OK also Manchester City, with the advantage of playing in the English Premier League.

In the Citizens, however, the compatriot Aguero plays, a great friend of Messi who would return to be coached by Pep Guardiola.

Edinson Cavani got three daymatches of disqualification

"Edinson Cavani has been suspended for three games and fined £ 100,000 and must complete face-to-face briefing after an FA E3 Rule violation charge in relation to a social media post posted on Sunday 29 November 2020.

A comment posted on the Manchester United FC forward's Instagram page was offensive and violated FA Rule E3.1. The post also constitutes an aggravated violation, which is defined in FA Rule E3.2, as it included references, either express or implied, color and/or race and/or ethnic origin.

An independent regulatory commission has been appointed to decide the sanction and its written reasons will be published in due course," said the official statement published by the English FA. Manchester United star posted a gracias negrito on social media: after the match won 3-2 against Southampton last November 29th, the Uruguayan forward posted a story on Instagram in which he replied to a fan who complimented his performance, writing Gracias Negrito!

Although Cavani immediately cleared the story, then apologized and explained his intentions, the Football Association decided to stop him for three mathces of Premier League. Manchester United released the following statement: "As he stated, Edinson Cavani was unaware that his words could be misinterpreted and sincerely apologized for the post and to anyone who was offended.

Despite his honest belief that he was simply sending an affectionate thank you in response to a congratulatory message from a close friend, he chose not to contest the allegation, out of respect and solidarity with the FA and the fight against racism in football.

Although it is clear that the context and intent are key factors, we note that the Independent Regulatory Commission had to impose a minimum three match suspension. The club is confident that the Independent Regulatory Commission will make it clear in its written reasons that Edinson Cavani is not a racist, nor was there any racist intent in report to his post."