Pep Guardiola Believes Klopp Will Return to Football Despite Shock Exit

"He will be back I’m pretty sure. Where I don’t know, only he knows it."- Guardiola said.

by Sead Dedovic
Pep Guardiola Believes Klopp Will Return to Football Despite Shock Exit
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Jurgen Klopp shocked football fans by confirming that he is leaving Liverpool. Many expected the German expert to remain part of this club in the next few years and do even greater things. 

Nevertheless, Klopp, a bit tired of everything, decided to say goodbye to football, at least for a short time. 

The German wants to rest for a while. Klopp emphasized that he will return to football in the future. Most of his colleagues were surprised by his decision. Pep Guardiola was one of them. 

However, the Spaniard emphasized in the last interview that Klopp will definitely return to football. He and Guardiola have built a rivalry over the years. Pep believes that Klopp needs a break to think carefully about his future.

"He will be back I’m pretty sure. Where I don’t know, only he knows it.

He will rest a little bit and relax and take the perspective because [when you are playing] every third day season after season, it’s difficult to take a perspective of what I’m doing, who we are, what I want in life. Sometimes to take a break is really good.

He’s going to decide his best."- Guardiola said, as quoted by

Manchester City and Liverpool have played many important matches in the last few years. It can be said that with the arrival of Klopp, Liverpool became a club that started to fight for trophies, after an era in which Liverpool looked bad. 

Klopp revived this team, created a great system, and returned Liverpool to where it belongs: At the very top of English football. In a way, Guardiola can be happy about the departure of the German coach. Klopp caused enormous problems for Guardiola. However, Pep has respect for Klopp and stressed that Klopp is the reason he has become a better coach.

"Absolutely. So many times, yeah.
The dimension of success is the dimension of a rival. When a rival is not good enough, your success is not big enough.
But competing with this Liverpool for many years - this one and the previous ones - and sometimes beat them, it shows how good we have done.
It’s the same with them I think when they beat us. It is the best measure to realise what we have done as a team."

In the interview, Guardiola talked about the star players on his team, expressing happiness with Manchester City's status as a great team. He mentioned the positive return of Rodrigo and De Bruyne, considering it some of the best news for Pep. De Bruyne is widely seen as the team's best player. Additionally, Guardiola emphasized Rodri's essential role in midfield, showing his defensive skills since joining from Atletico Madrid and explaining why Manchester City invested huge money in him.

Guardiola had high praise for Rodri, calling him an outstanding holding midfielder. In an interview with TNT Sports, Guardiola pointed out Rodri's notable improvements in impact, presence, and mentality.  In important matches this season, Rodri was impressive. He showed that he can change the course of the match and with his qualities in the midfield, he can give additional confidence to the players around him.

He also commended Rodri's versatility, highlighting his ability to score goals, defend well, and navigate different spaces on the field. Guardiola described Rodri as a fantastic player, emphasizing his impressive reading of the game.

Pep Guardiola praises Phil Foden

Another player who made a huge step forward this season is Phil Foden. The hat-trick he scored in the last match was an indication that the young Englishman is improving day by day.

Phil Foden
Phil Foden© Jan Kruger / Getty Images Sport

Guardiola said it's great to see Foden getting better all the time, and he believes Foden's recent good performances are because of his hard work.  Ever since joining the team, Foden has tried to prove and show the Spanish expert that he is a player he can count on. Phil is one of the greatest English talents in recent times. Given that he is only 23 years old, Foden will have the opportunity to improve further.

Before a game against Everton, Guardiola mentioned that Foden really loves playing football, and his ability to score goals and make important moves near the opponent's goal has been crucial in the past two seasons.

Manchester City has ambitions to lift the Premier League trophy this season. Unlike some seasons from the past, Pep Guardiola's team will seem to have a much more difficult task to win the Premier League this season. Liverpool and Arsenal look good too. It will be an interesting race until the very end.

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