Phil Foden reveals what makes him so great lately

"I know in this Man City side I am going to do that and play a lot of positions and I have to be ready."

by Sead Dedovic
Phil Foden reveals what makes him so great lately
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Manchester City confirmed its dominance and achieved an important victory over Brentford 1-3. Pep Guardiola's team took this challenge seriously, and they knew that if they wanted to win the title, it was necessary to win such matches. 

Although the start was not promising, City managed to make a comeback through Phil Foden and move one step closer to winning the title. 

Foden scored a hat-trick in this match, proving that he is one of the club's best players at the moment. This young Englishman has enormous confidence from Pep Guardiola. He uses it in a great way. 

After the match, Foden emphasized that he was delighted with his performance. It is imperative to continue like this in the coming period.

“Really delighted with my performances at the moment,” -Phil Foden told Sky Sports, as reported by
“I think I’m playing a lot of minutes now, more inside as well which is where I want to be."

Foden believes that the reason for his good performance is the trust of the coach and the fact that he plays in a natural position. However, he has no problem playing in positions that are not natural to him, all intending to help the team. 

Foden is one of the more dedicated players, who will never hold a grudge against the coach or his teammates. He has always been focused on himself and his desire to progress. Phil is in great shape, probably the best since he was a member of City's senior team. His qualities have yet to surface. 

It seems that Foden never ceases to impress us.

“Obviously it would help if I played one position and learned that position every game, but I am a person who adapts and plays a lot of positions when needed.
I know in this Man City side I am going to do that and play a lot of positions and I have to be ready. I am just enjoying playing anywhere in the middle.
That’s where I see myself playing my best football so hopefully I can keep getting more game time in the middle and keep playing there as long as I can.
Probably the best form I have had in a City shirt for a long time so long may that continue.”

Phil Foden celebrating his third goal against Brentford
Phil Foden celebrating his third goal against Brentford© Naomi Baker / Getty Images Sport

Pep Guardiola has formed a great team in which there are many stars, but also players who are ready to give everything for this club. Brentford used to surprise the giants this season. 

Manchester City did not want to allow them to do the same this time. These are matches in which you simply have to win if you want to lift the Premier League trophy.

Guardiola emphasized that when facing Brentford's deep defensive strategy, it becomes challenging due to limited spaces. He highlighted the significance of having a player who can navigate these tight spaces effectively. 

Guardiola specifically praised Phil Foden for his goal-scoring abilities and his versatility within the 18-yard box. According to Guardiola, Foden is having his best season since joining the team, showing qualities in both goals and assists while playing in central positions.

Phil Foden: I am delighted with the performance because it’s so difficult here

Foden scored an important goal before the break, which gave his team the wings to come back and claim victory. Foden could become a key player for this team in the future, although he is already showing how important he is to this team. Guardiola can be happy watching Foden and the rest of the team play this season. 

City is a club that wants to repeat the success of last season, aware that it will be a difficult task. However, Guardiola's team has gained a lot of experience, the players don't feel the pressure like they used to, and this is a winning combination to repeat the feat from the 2022/2023 season.

“It came at a great time just before the break, it gives you a good feeling going into the second half,” said Foden.
“I am delighted with the performance because it’s so difficult here. They cause a lot of big teams problems but I thought throughout we deserved the win, we had a lot of chances and dominated the ball.”

The battle for the Premier League title appears to be primarily among Arsenal, Liverpool, and Manchester City. Arsenal had a promising run last season, but in the final round, Mikel Arteta's team faced a setback and missed a great opportunity. Jurgen Klopp is hungry to secure the trophy in his final season with Liverpool. An intriguing continuation of the season lies ahead.