Jude Bellingham on Nervousness During Unveiling, Daily Habits, and His Personality

"It was surreal, just an unbelievable experience and one of the best days of my life."

by Sead Dedovic
Jude Bellingham on Nervousness During Unveiling, Daily Habits, and His Personality
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Jude Bellingham has quickly shown that he is a great addition to Real Madrid. Although many expected the English player to do well at Real, no one could have predicted just how much of an impact he would have on the team. Currently, he is the best player on the Spanish team, and there are high expectations for him in the future. In an interview for the official Real Madrid website, Jude talked about various topics, including his arrival at Real Madrid, its importance to him, the adaptation period, and his daily habits. Despite being only 20 years old, the English player has impressed everyone with his maturity and personal qualities.

“Everything I have seen players do in the past, and today as well, are things I've imitated. I've added them to the way I play to make me better. You can see that on the pitch. I am a mix of many things as a player, even things I learned playing in the Championship with Birmingham. I haven't just focused on a single player and tried to copy him. I'm myself, I am Jude and I don't try and be anyone else."- Bellingham said, as quoted by realmadrid.com

Bellingham recalled the moment when he was officially introduced to the club. Playing for such a great club is a great honor for any player. Real Madrid is regarded as the greatest football club. Like any young boy, Bellingham dreamt of playing at the Santiago Bernabeu someday. Legendary figures such as Zinedine Zidane, his fellow countryman David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, and many others have been part of this team. Bellingham admitted feeling quite nervous during the official introduction. He didn't have a prepared speech, but the young footballer was honest and openly talked about how great this challenge is for him.

Jude Bellingham
Jude Bellingham© Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images Sport

“It was an unforgettable day. It was surreal, just an unbelievable experience and one of the best days of my life. I didn't want to get too carried away, I'm more comfortable when I'm playing football, but it was a great day for my family and friends. So happy. Look at the selfie. The number 5 is a big number at this club. It was a beautiful day and I feel really proud about how it all went. I was so nervous. When it was my turn to talk and the president called me up to the stand, I was really nervous. I didn't know what I was going to say, I hadn't prepared anything. I just said whatever came into my head. It went well but I was really nervous."

Jude Bellingham shared a bit about himself, saying he's the same person no matter where he is; whether he's being interviewed, at home, or hanging out with friends. 

He likes to joke around and have a good time, especially since he's doing what he loves – playing football. 

This great player feels lucky to have this opportunity because not many people in the world get to do what they love. He mentioned that he enjoys laughing with his teammates every day but can switch to a serious mode, especially in the dressing room where being professional is important. 

Bellingham also explained that his day-to-day life changes depending on the day of the week, upcoming games, or who's visiting. He also admitted that he usually feels pretty tired after training, showing how demanding his job as a football player can be.

Jude Bellingham's daily routine

Jude Bellingham gave insights into his daily routine, describing that he starts his day early for training and then returns home. After training, he sometimes enjoys a coffee nearby or goes into town for a meal. 

Being a soccer player in a big club is a big responsibility and needs a lot of dedication. Bellingham is a disciplined player who wants to get better every day. His commitment to discipline has made him the player he is now. Jude is different from his friends because his everyday life is all about soccer. To do well as a player in a club like Real Madrid, you have to train more than others, be consistent, and fully committed to your job.

If the weather is good, he likes to relax in his garden. Bellingham shared that if his friends are around, they might go out for dinner and then return home. 

He expressed appreciation for the familiarity he has with places he visits regularly, emphasizing that people there see him not just as Jude Bellingham the footballer but as a regular guy who stops by for a coffee. 

Feeling at home in the city, he highlighted the positive relationships he has built with the people he meets, who take good care of him.

Jude Bellingham